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Lack of Color by Coldplaywhore

He paints; she inspires. Together they are whole, until one day they are separated, breaking him of his soul. Five years later, she's not his. Can she be again? ExB AU AH M for language and lemons.

This is a great little fic and what might make it an even better proposition to you is that it's complete! God, don't you fucking love those completed fics? I sure do, nothing like knowing you won't have to have your heart in your throat for a whole week waiting for an update.

Bella meets Edward after answering an ad he placed looking for a model. Bella's got a lotta bills she as to pay for and this job provides the perfect opportunity for her to earn good money quickly. 

24 year old meets 19 year old Edward and an instant attraction is felt. It really is a only a matter of time before they succumb to the feelings that crackle between them and to be honest this artist Edward is sultry hot for such a young boy.

"Why did you pose nude, that is?"
"Well, first of all I haven't been completely nude yet," I mused as Edward gave a small laugh. "And secondly, I need the money. I'm really close to losing my apartment and I refuse to take money from my mother, yet again."
"That's all I get is an okay?"
"Yeah. I mean, you've been a great model today and I've enjoyed spending time with you, getting to know you. I don't really care what brought you here, I'm just glad you are, you know?"
"I know." I smiled sweetly at Edward and he went back to working away, asking me the most random questions about growing up in Forks, and what my favorite movies and bands were.
It was all very casual and easy until he moved away from the canvas and came towards me, bending at the knees in front of me. "I need to move your sash."
"Alright," I squeaked, somewhat unsettled because I knew that the sash for the robe was currently draped between my legs. This would either end badly or... I didn't even want to think of the possibilities.
I watched, taking a nervous gulp, as Edward moved his hand between my legs and reached for the sash to move it to the side. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you were me, his finger slipped between my wet pussy lips before finding their true goal.
Edward froze. His eyes, clouded with both lust and anxiety, as he stared me down. "I am so sorry, Bella," he stammered as he rose from his spot and headed directly into the bathroom, closing the door with a slam behind him.
"Fuck," I groaned as I sat there, my body trembling with apprehension.

However the relationship ends abruptly and the reader is brought to the present through E's POV. Edward's life spiralled out of control when he & Bella broke up and only now is his life getting back on track. However his art was a casualty and he's been unable to connect with anyone since. Unfortunately life gets a lot harder when Bella comes back into his life, the fiancé of his douche bag cousin Peter. Why is she with him? How did they even meet? Why is Bella so different from the vibrant woman he first met? Can Edward get over the resentment and abandonment he feels? Can he stay away from Bella? Well this is all answered but it's not as simple as Edward once thought.

Read it Here: Lack Of Color

Open by SammieLynnsMom

He was right and they were wrong, and that was all he had to stand by. With his career soaring and his marriage sinking, will Edward see they were right all along? What will he learn along the way?

This is a relatively new fic only 5 chapters in and I'm getting on board because I think this could be something great. It certainly has one of the most intriguing banners I've seen in a long while.

Edward has begun seeing a therapist, Dr Banner to work through why he made the disastrous decision to be in an open marriage with his wife Lauren. He loved Lauren and centred his life around her but after several years their relationship has broken down completely with Edward wanting out. 

"Edward," she continued as I huffed. "I get it. It's hard. But it's not fair that I have to sit by and watch you mope. You'll get over it and find someone new. This is why I don't do what you do; you get way too emotionally involved. However, you're home now. It's just me and you here, remember? That was the agreement."
"Lauren, I'm done," I stated so quickly it felt like I was ripping off a Band-Aid. "I can't do this anymore. I'm done."
"Okay," she drew out as her face fell. "Well, if you want to take a break, I guess we could. I'll need to make a few calls, but how long do you want to stop for? I have something Friday, but…"
"No, Lauren, you're not listening. You don't need to make any calls, except to a lawyer. I'm done with you," I explained as calmly and evenly as I could manage.

Edward recounts his recent life to Dr Banner and at times it's hard to read about how in love his was initially was with his wife (strange only because it's Lauren of course) but there is a definite undercurrent of something else at play since we all know it must have been Bella that finally busted up that sham of a marriage.

"Walking away from her was the hardest thing I've ever done," I admitted with my face planted firmly in my hands.
"Why?" She continued to push for more like she always did.
"Because…" I sighed as I looked up, willing myself to form the words. Trying to find, deep down, where I had gone wrong while praying that I could still put the pieces back together. "Because she was home. When I was with her, I felt like the world made sense and it wasn't about being right anymore. I just wanted to be happy…happy with her."
"Do you still think you could be happy with her?" she asked next.
"Yes," I replied without missing a beat. A smile played on my lips as I thought of her brown eyes shining at me the day I took her to the beach. "If only she'd return my phone call."

He could be talking about Lauren but we all know it's Bella. 

We've only just really begun Edward's journey and are yet to meet Bella, I'm hanging out for it and I'm crossing my fingers we don't have to wait to much longer.

Read it Here: Open

Once and Future Lovers by littlesecret84

He told me once that he preferred brunettes, but his fingers were always playing with long, blonde strands. He could never make up his mind... until he did. And now that I'm back I don't think he deserves a second chance.

I love littlesecret84. I love how she writes about love. I love that her expressions of love are so immediate and tactile. I love how her depiction of love is a force that should be embraced even if the circumstance is not perfect. The way she writes about love, is how I feel when in love.

This fic however, requires you to wear your big girl panties because this is no easy relationship and the Edward and Bella in this fic are not perfect examples of human beings. They are real people who have made mistakes and are bound to make more.

Lawyer Bella returns homes to Forks to study for the bar exam. Next door lives her long lost unrequited love Edward and and his wife, Rose. Bella feels she's been cheated out of having her great love because Edward left her to pursue a life with Rose and upon her return she basically sets out to seduce him back.

There is a back history here where Edward and Bella shared a very intense sexual relationship whilst on a holiday, when they were teenagers. However upon their return Bella feels that Edward dropped her like a hot stone to go back to Rose. It's not that simple though because Bella didn't exactly put herself out there to Edward and their lives then forked off into very different directions.

Eventually they do end up crossing that line and embark on a furious affair but...
I want to touch, kiss, lick, feel. Adore. I want to fuck him. I want to talk to him and feel beautiful and interesting, and I want to fall asleep to his voice. And when he asked me if I wanted kids? Just his. And if I had to be a wife, as stupid as it sounds given our situation, he's the only man I'd do that for. But I don't want this. I don't want a married man. A dishonest man. Maybe he's the cutest, and no one will be as warm, or familiar. Maybe he'll be the best I ever had. Best friend, best lover. Just best. But I can do so much better with my life. The magic moment has passed, that I know. 

Bella is selfish and unsure and Edward well he is about the same. He feels inadequate in Bella's life and he's a man that's never really made the hard decisions in his life to get what he wants but that is the beauty of this fic. The flawed characters are real, who just try to feel their way through their lives the best way they can. It's not a story about epiphanies it's a story about making choices.

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Fan Fic Vidiot

Tangled up in Blue by TxBirdie

Edward Cullen is looking for inspiration to write THE American novel. Bella Swan is looking for inspiration, any inspiration, to pull her from her doldrums existence. But what they find in each other, neither of them could have expected.

Loving Tangled Up in Blue is no easy ride. When I started reading it in 2010, it was a regular updater then 2011 rolled around and the updates became few and far between. Now in 2012 it has only updated once. But who cares because this is one of my most favourite fics I have ever read and whilst it hurts that TxBirdie doesn't update regularly, when she does it's always amazing. 

This video created by the author TxBirdie is very similar in style to the Under the Apple Tree video I posted and I think you will enjoy not only the video but the fic as well.

Read it Here: Tangled Up in Blue

Twilight Fiction - The Best Man by Alitriona

Next-door neighbors home from college, reunited for two weeks of their summer break. Childhood memories and adult hijinks abound. Will a friendly competition strengthen childhood bonds? Or will it help to forge a new relationship between adults? AH/AU: Rated M

And this is an example of why I can't do fan fics justice. I'm imagining all the footage this person would have to find and review, it's a little mind boggling.

This is a great vid and I know it's great because I want to read the fic. And I know it's a great fan fic vid because even though I've attempted to read the fic a couple of times and have not been hooked, every time I watch this vid... I want to give The Best Man another try!

This fic was loved by many and I would give you the link but it's sadly gone MIA from so at this point you can just enjoy the vid by Alitriona.

Subscribe to her youtube channel here: Alitriona's Channel

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When Will I Know by deb24601

You don't get over Edward Cullen. Even when he was never really yours. A story about wanting, needing and, eventually, knowing. AH. Inspired by Jan 2012 Witfit prompts.

So I found this fic whilst partaking in a little random fic diving. I that from time to time and often come up with nothing but this rough diamond has something to offer. 

Bella meets and falls for Edward when her boyfriend, Mike introduces them. She feels an instant attraction but unfortunately believes that Edward is unreachable to her and as such continues dating Mike. 

Edward's feels this attraction to Bella, despite the fact she is unlike any of the girls he normally hooks up with. As well as that, he lives a carefree, almost nomadic lifestyle and can't see himself tying himself down to a relationship. As well as that, he's slept with 2 of Mike's past girlfriends so Bella seems to be more trouble than she's worth.

I think about our parents and sweet Mike and our friends and my job at the bank. I see security and acceptance. "Well, he hasn't asked... yet," I hedge. "It's what people do," I say.
"Fuck that," Edward says. His voice is hard.
"Excuse me?"
Edward sighs and throws his arm over his eyes. "You get one life, Bella. One chance. I'm not living it based on my parents' expectations or out-dated social customs. It's good enough for some people, I guess - but not for me. I think you want more too. You talk about places you want to go, things you want to see, yet you're buying into this tiny world. Think for yourself. What do you want?"
I'm shocked speechless for a moment. I've never heard Edward talk like this. It's too much to think about all at once. "I... I... I don't know," I stammer. I don't know what's happening.

Eventually Edward does realise he is in love with Bella and makes it his mission to steal Bella away, despite the fact Bella is due to marry Mike in a few weeks.

You can read this within a few hours and whilst it's a little light on plot development and some of the actions of the characters are questionable, it's still quite a harmless, low angst read.

Read it Here: When Will I Know

MTV Movie Awards 2012 - Unstoppable


So what is there to say about this year's MTV Movie awards? Well I guess we can say the for an award show that had heralded new changes and requests to be a respected legitimate show, it really provided the same old, same old. Only difference they now have an entire fandom that is suspicious and burned by MTV.

My take on MTVs overt snub of Breaking Dawn pt1 was that it was obviously their attempt at ensuring other movies could receive their awards. I'm sure it's been discussed that the prospect of having the Twilight franchise dominate most categories for half a decade meant something had to change with the MMA format. 

There is some validity to that. Last year Robert won Best Actor, but was he really better than Jesse Eisenberg for The Social Network? Additionally Kristen won for Best Actress, but was her role in Eclipse better than Oscar nominated Natalie Portman in The Black Swan or Emma Stone in Easy A?

It's all beside the point since this is a popularity contest and hell I'll always vote for Rob and Kristen. This is the inherent problem for MTV and their MMAs, there is a distinct difference between Outstanding and Popular performances. So I get why they excluded Rob, Kristen & BD1 but for a franchise and fandom that basically put the MMAs back to the forefront on the awards circuit, their treatment of us was shabby and classless as they showed Twilight the door whilst ushering in their new darling The Hunger Games.

Nevertheless at the end of the day we won Movie of the Year AND Best Kiss, once again proving to all that, when it wants to, this fandom mobilises like no other. If anything I bet our votes were up considerably as we voted as a "fuck you" to MTV. 

So who knows what next year will bring, the only thing certain is that this is beginning of the end of the relationship between the MMAs and this fandom but all that drama is for another time. Today we can just buzz in the glow of the 2 awards. Congratulations Rob & Kristen on your 4th Best Kiss award and to the whole crew of Breaking Dawn Pt1 for Best Film!

Now let's get to the real question though... Who the hell was that girl in the leopard outfit?!

Close Your Eyes by CaraNo

Bella barely remembers her godparents, but after losing her mom and dad, she's shipped off to rainy Washington to live with the Cullens for her final semester in high school. On the outside, the Cullens are perfect. Behind closed doors is another matter.

Straight off the bat, this Edward is initially unlikable. Egotistical, a bully and a loner, Edward is the high school boy you don't fuck with. No true friends or any real connections, it seems Edward is cruising through high school through adoration and intimidation. That is until Bella shows up.

Bella, a new orphan is taken in by Esme and Carlisle Cullen much to Edward's disdain, although he does proceed to use Bella by taking her to his secret cabin, getting her stoned and having sex with her. Don't be fooled though, Bella knows what kind of boy Edward is and is under no false pretences with him however as they spend more time together their relationship finds unique pressure points in which they bond.

"I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself," I add, folding my arms over my chest.
"I'm sure you are," he chuckles and steps on the gas. "But I need people to understand that you're off limits. You're mine now, Tinks."
"Who the hell do you think you are, you prick?" I snap. "I'm not a fucking possession you can control."
Been there, done that.
"Calm your tits, Bella," he laughs, only infuriating me more. "This is just how shit is. Fucking deal with it. As long as you and I are fucking, other dudes need to know not to come on to you. And I'm Edward Cullen, all right? My word is law."

Trouble is, whilst Edward steamrolls everyone in his life, his home life is a nightmare. Regularly abused by Carlisle, Edward tries all he can to please his father with the hope of being able to get away to college once high school has graduated. You can now understand why he treats everyone else with such aggression however Bella sees through all of this. She has actually been there before and wants to save Edward from another vicious beating and the sick family environment. It's not going to be easy though since Edward doesn't want to let (yet) and will even sabotage Bella's efforts (even to the point of humiliating her) in an effort to save not only himself but more importantly Bella as well.

Don't let the violence turn you away. It is a gut wrenching fic but sometimes you need that. Sometimes you need to be confronted with the ugliness to appreciate the bittersweet. Currently Edward, is aware of his love for Bella but is so terrified of losing the imaginary facade that he is willing to destroy Bella's character. It's rough, it's a little complex and I think it's still going to be a rough ride but definitely worth the journey.

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The Demons in My Dreams by littlecat358

27 y.o. social worker Bella Swan has seen her fair share of troubled souls, but nothing like Edward Cullen, part owner & manager of The Cullen House Group Home. Will he allow her into his life? And can she survive the demons that haunt him? OOC, Lemons.

It is obvious that the life of a social worker is one that littlecat358 has experience in. Her account of Bella's work day in and day out, jumps off the page and rings incredibly true. Social work is not depicted her and a dreamy haze of noble, righteous work. It's long hours, bureaucratic red tape, being under appreciated and at times thankless but Bella does this because her heart is essentially invested in making her boys lives safe and giving them the best chance at succeeding.

Emmett and Tyler are two teenage boys under Bella's caseload who have had to leave their most recent foster home due to Emmett's bad behaviour. As Bella calls through the night to find lodging for these boys she catches a break by finding a placement at the Cullen House.

The Cullen House is a home runned by Jasper, Alice and Edward for delinquent teenage boys. Emmett and Tyler settle in with the other boys albeit not without their problems but soon find that as long as they are straight up and follow the rules life at the Cullen House is fair.

Edward and Bella circle each other, seemingly too scared to fully open up to each other. Edward's past means that he closes himself off from romantic love and Bella is incredibly overworked, tired and confused by Edward's hot/cold demeanour.

Eventually they do make the tentative step to be together but drama definitely ensues around them. Bella is the product of a disinterested mother and a negligent stepfather. She feels resentment for her parents which makes it difficult to have a very close relationship to her half-sister Rose (whom she loves dearly). Rose, a young girl falls for Emmett much to Bella's horror. The consequences of this relationship is now playing out in the fic and you feel for Bella, who is torn between freedom and responsibility. 

"What the hell is going on?" I yell. But they either don't hear me or they don't give a shit. Jasper and I storm in and start peeling teenagers away from the bunch. When I get to the center I find Ryan and Sam holding Emmett back while Edgar is trying to pull Tyler off of one of the visiting kids.
This is the last thing I expected to see. Tyler is throwing punches like there's no tomorrow while Emmett screams profanities.
I tap Edgar's arm and motion for him to step back as Jasper and I grab onto Tyler.
"You fucking freak!" the kid wails.
Tyler's not letting go so we tug a little harder. All of the sudden, he turns and lands a punch square in my jaw.
I'm startled, but not hurt. His eyes go wide as he realizes exactly what he just did and I literally watch his downward spiral. His face pales, his breathing accelerates and his body goes limp. This is not good. I don't have a good enough hold on him and he slips to the ground and curls up into a ball. Not good at all.
"Fuck! You fucking asshole, I'm gonna fucking kill you!" Emmett howls.
The kid he's talking to looks like he's about to be sick, but there's still an air of defiance on his stance
Jasper takes control gathering all the non-Cullen House kids and ushering them out.
I bend down and reach out to Tyler.
"No!" Emmett shouts. "Don't fucking touch him."
"Why not?" I ask.
"He. . .he doesn't like to be touched. Only Bella. . .she knows what to do."

I just love the realism of this fic, you can literally feel all the struggles that Bella and Edward must overcome which in reality is just the same shit that a lot of us all go through everyday. The way littlecat358 depicts the strength of all her characters is amazing. This fic is such a strong piece of writing that won't disappoint.

Read it Here: The Demons in My Dreams

Appease by Rochelle Allison

NEW FICTIONISTA WORKSHOP WITFITS: APRIL 2012 - JUNE 2012. started with Brighter. Now on Appease.

Rochelle Allison is one of my most favourite fanfic writers. I'd also bet money that she is one of the most beloved writers in the fandom, consistently producing engaging, romantic and realistic fics time again.

If you haven't discovered the beauty of her witfits or fics then you seriously need to remedy it. Appease is the second story for the April - June witfit period and it's wonderful.

Starting at chapter 35 we are introduced to Bella as she is being interviewed by Tanya for the position of Nanny for her young children with Edward. Bella gets the job and moves into the Masen household for the summer period whilst she's on holiday from NYU. 

The small twist comes into play as you find out that her two young charges have two half siblings, Alice and Edward jr. There is an instant attraction between Edward jr and Bella but Edward is a preppy nightmare who has gone through his romantic life charming the pants of the women he wants. To Bella though, his lame come ons fall flat and are received with revulsion. Nevertheless she can't help being attracted to Edward because despite these shortcomings he is a caring, sensitive brother and does have his genuine moments.

So what will these two do? Because it's not as simple as choosing to be together. Bella is wary of starting a relationship with her boss' elder son. She also finds out that Mrs Tanya Masen made a pass at Edward jr years ago, which could jeopardise her position. Additionally Bella's a little wary of Edward jr who seems to have been on the same path as his detached father.

The beauty of this fic is the way Rochelle Allison can write such relatable, honest characters. The 2 young children Alistair and Irina are tenacious and so sweet, you can clearly see why everyone wants to protect them. Edward, Alice and even Esme are flawed but all have immense hearts.

She nods, laughing lowly. "I know, I know. The thing is, I raised him. He thinks he has to be like his father, his father whom he actually resents. He thinks that because they share blood, they have to share personality traits..." Shaking her head, she looks straight at me. "I've been fighting for him for a long time."
"What do you mean?"
"He's been going through this phase for awhile now, and while it probably sounds naïve to you, I can assure you that it is just a phase. He's always been appealing to girls, and when he hit puberty...his father sort of played it up for him. Made it look like it was the way to go." She wrinkles her nose in disgust. "I always allowed him and Alice to spend as much time with their father as they wanted, because I didn't want our failed marriage to sever their relationships. Sometimes I wonder if it was the right choice. Alice drifted away on her own, but Edward...seemed to think they had things in common. Is as if Edward wants to be different but he's resigned himself to being the same."
"Do they have things in common?"
"Of course. They're both handsome, charismatic, ambitious men. Except Edward's father uses these things irresponsibly whereas my son has more of a conscience. He's not nearly as ruthless." She smiles. "And he has a bigger heart."

It's not ridiculous drama or bizarre plot twists, it's falling in love and loving the life you lead. And that is why Rochelle Allison is one of the best of the bests.

Read it Here: Appease

Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range by beegurl13

Two consenting adults. One wants more. What happens when the other doesn't, and never will? Is there such thing as true love in the real world? And will they see what's coming before it's too late? E/B, AH, M. For The Twilight 25 Round 6 Challenge

There are quite a few fics out there that start with a lot of moaning and groaning caused by Edward ploughing into some non-Bella skank. What caught my interest initially is that this time it's Bella sexing it up... and not with Edward. Now Bella is no skank and this isn't even a serious relationship she's involved in but it is a definite goodbye because Bella is moving from Arizona to Washington state to be near her sick father.

Her father is grateful for Bella's attention but also recognises that she may need her space and as such provides her with an apartment above the bar that she will be managing in Clallam Bay. Clallam Bay is also one of the ports for many fishing crews that work the oceans later in the year. Edward is the Captain of one of these boats.

Now this Edward is seriously sexy and confident but he should be, having bedded many of the single women in Clallam Bay. You know the saying "one in every port"? Well I'm surprised Edward doesn't have this stitched into his cap. Bella knowing what she's getting herself into embarks on a frenzied one night stand (literally) and then a casual relationship with Edward. Casual because Edward doesn't do relationships, never. So Bella fights her growing attraction as Edward seems oblivious to his.

At the end of his stay Edward sails off into the sunset with the goal to get to Argentina and Carmen. Now don't hate on Edward just yet. Admittedly Bella isn't Edward's first love, it's the sea and he's been living this carefree lifestyle for so long, the boy doesn't really know what he's feeling or doing.

Bella suffers though from his confusion and apparent lack of concern and when Edward does return the next year, he learns pretty quickly that Bella is no pushover and that he can no longer behave hoorishly anymore. 

So why do I love this fic? Well it's Edward (big surprise) but he's an ass. He's fucked around, albeit in a very open honest way, but when he does realise he wants to be solely with Bella he commits his heart to her. Problem is this boy has never been in a relationship and he screws up many times, sometimes in a huge way. This Bella is also quite interesting. Cognitively she knows what she initially agreed to with Edward but is still willing to follow her heart no matter how long she has to wait for Edward to come around or home.

"There's a reason I didn't want you to write me, or call me. There's a reason I couldn't have any contact with you. Last year when I sailed out of this harbor, it was the first time in my whole life that I got to the Pacific, and I wanted to turn around."
Wait, what? He didn't want to leave? I look to my left, trying to see him sitting at the bar, without making it obvious, and what I see tears my heart out. He's sitting with his beer bottle between his hands, staring down at it. His shoulders are hunched over, and I've never seen him look this defeated before. I want more than anything to go to him, to pull him into my arms and beg him to just tell me why he did what he did. Why he had to be with other women. Why he had to leave me. Why? I don't understand why.
"I don't have relationships because they aren't a luxury I can afford. My life isn't like that. And for the first time, all I wanted was to be able to stay here with you, to not have to leave. To stand next to you on that dock and watch as my crew sailed away. But I couldn't. You don't even understand how tightly I'm bound, Bella. You have no idea."

This fic seems to be winding down and the second half is focussed on how to make this long distance relationship work (plus some intense drama) but it has certainly been addictive and heartfelt.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

ROBSTEN Cannes 2012 :: All for You

So I've been MIA for the week and I apologise. Between getting a new job and seeing Rob and Kristen being freaking adorable in Cannes, I have found it hard to keep conscious.

However I had to make a vid for this amazing week and that how All for You came to be. Enjoy! x

Monday, 21 May 2012

Here, In My Room

Bella is Jake's girl. Edward intends to change that. Sweaty back seats, stolen glances that cross the line and unrequited love that holds back no more. Edward & Bella AH.

What is it about those young 20 something Edwards who ride in cars, smoking Js, cause trouble and want Bella with an intense scary fierceness? When they are written well, these Edwards literally smoke off the screen, leaving readers flustered and stalking their inboxes for alerts.

This Edward is no exception. I love his single mindedness. He wants Bella, knows that she's Jake's girlfriend but is still going to take her. Jake's a douche anyways, he's a cheater and takes advantage of Bella, so the fact Edward is cutting another man's lunch is easier to take.

I was new to this town. I didn't know the kids here like Jake did. When Emmett told me Jake needed a new hook-up, I provided it. Simple as that. I would drop the shipments off when I got them, and Jake, and his boy Jasper, would get rid of it. Eventually I came to like Jake. Until I met Bella.
The day I saw her come back from the bathroom and sit in his lap, leaning over to kiss him, I realized that was his girl. The one he would mention every now and then. I remembered how he talked about her hazel eyes and her pretty, pink pussy that was "the best he'd ever had." He had also mentioned that was the only reason he kept her as a girlfriend. She was the best he'd ever had. Little did Jake know, I was about to be the best she'd ever had.

Most of the chapters are in the drabble format but they have been increasing in length with each update (which I'm sure we are all happy with) with the last several updates being in Edward's POV. The beginning of the fic consists of Bella's steamy and summer sweet chapters revealing her desire for Edward. 

This fic is so tactile and engaging due to a seriously entrancing Edward. Hot damn by the end of chapter 26, you'll do anything Edward says as well. Check it out.

Read it Here: Here, In My Room

The Procrustean Bed by gemini13me

Procrustean Bed- a standard or set of conditions, determined arbitrarily, to which everyone is forced to conform. But the question is... are there really any rules when it comes to the affairs of the heart?

More often these days, if I ever read a new fic I always check out the author's bio. If they are under 20 or not from a primarily English speaking country it shows in the writing. Not sure of gemini13me's age but this author is from Romania and her story The Procrustean Bed is a great fic. Maybe she's my Only Exception?

Edward walks into the bookstore that Bella works at. He's indifferent verging on rude to Bella whilst looking for a book for his beloved niece Jess. However this is Edward so of course Bella is going to still appreciate this very handsome man. It's just a shame Edward doesn't even give her a second glance once he has his book.

It's not his fault really, Edward has a lot of baggage in his life. Still reeling from the recent death of his wife Tanya (killed of right at the beginning.. yeh!) and trying to manage the expectations of his family specifically his iron fisted mother, Edward's only sense of freedom of relaxation is with young Jess. 

Jess eventually brings Edward and Bella together much to her uncle's displeasure and their relationship slowly builds as Edward allows for the possibility of letting someone else in his life.

And it was strange how I was trying to somehow keep Isabella at arm's length but at the same time I couldn't wait to take things further. I wanted to honor Tanya, and every time I kissed Isabella or touched her like only a lover would, I was doing anything but that. In all honesty, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I wanted us to take things slow, yet I was eager to speed up. I was eager for more. So much more. In fact, sometimes my eagerness went as far as thinking that maybe someday Isabella was going to be the most important person in my life, just like Tanya had been for so long. I even dared to hope that my biggest dream of having a family of my own wasn't going to remain something I fantasized about forever.

As the fic progresses these 2 do fall in love but they've got some serious troubles. Firstly Edward carries a lot of guilt about how he really felt about Tanya and the relationships with his family. Secondly the Esme in this fic is a complete bitch. I love it! It's actually so good to read an Esme who isn't tearing up inside but instead rips into Bella with her snide comments and hurtful accusations. Esme makes it very clear to the family that Bella is beneath Edward and completely unsuitable for her son and she'll do anything to split these two up. Jess' parents Emmett and Rosie are also not much support either since they take Esme's side which turns the screw that bit more on E/B.

Can Edward remain clear headed enough to not be affected by his mother's manipulations? At this point it's debatable, even though his relationship with Bella has become extremely serious and committed. The guy's confused and selfish but Bella isn't going to take this lying, down she's going to fight for her family. Oh a Bella and Esme battle? Shit yeah! Bring. It. On!

Read it Here: The Procrustean Bed

Beautiful Complications by Discordia81

Bella and Edward's hook up at a party causes a rift among their friends but they can't stay away from each other. When Edward leaves for Italy and Bella realizes she's attracted to her friend Claire, their already shaky relationship is threatened.

Want a bit of dirty realism in your fic? Sick of all those young "ILY" forever & ever declarations? Then Beautiful Complications might be the fic for you.

Bella, Rosalie and Alice meet Jasper, Edward and Emmett after watching the boys at a gig. However Edward  hooks up with Rosalie and Bella is essentially left as the fifth wheel in this little social group. At one point whilst everyone is getting busy, she's sitting in the lounge room reading a book (sad I know). However Bella starts becoming infatuated with Edward and eventually he turns his affections towards Bella. Bad news for the girls because Rosalie is livid and as a result Bella decides she can no longer do anything with Edward because her friendship with Rose means more. Sadly after reaching out to Rose,  she realises Rose has essentially severed their ties.

What follows is an agreement between Edward and Bella to essentially be each others fuck buddies, unfortunately from the get go there is something more going on here. There are nightly phone calls, Edward's tender moments and Bella finally admitting she's in love but still Bella cannot give herself to Edward.  She's afraid of real intimacy in a relationship and her lack of experience in dating. Oh and she's also attracted to girls so she's constantly second guessing Edward's intentions and her ability to give. Yeah she kinda pissed me off. 

There was no way this would end well. It was obvious that there was something between us. Something more than just friendship or sex. But that didn't mean he loved me. He cared about me, I knew that for certain. But the space between affection and love was wide and undefined. I knew how much he hated girls who were clingy, or pushy. We hadn't laid out any ground rules when this had all began, but surely me telling him that I loved him would make him run screaming and I was terrified at the thought of losing him.

The beauty of this fic is the more realistic attitude it has about young love. Does your first guy, love, infatuation have the strength to be forever? What if you fall in love with someone who has never been with anyone else, is it fair to be in a serious long term relationship with them? Would you always wonder if the grass was greener on the other side? This is what is the struggle for this E/B. 

Only criticism? This fic is 60 chapters and truthfully it's could have been edited down to be punchier but saying that, I ended up reading it in 1 day (skimming over certain chappies) and think this underrated gem deserves some love.

Read it Here: Beautiful Complications

Saturday, 19 May 2012

nonHEA is a dirty word


You've read each update as it roles into your inbox, you savour each word and feel like 'okay now we are getting somewhere' but then... you get this feeling worse then realising a cliffie is coming up, this feeling is the, "wait! if the author has said there are only 2 more chapters... How are are Edward & Bella going to end up together. WAIT I don't think they are. THIS IS GONNA BE A NON-HEA!!"

I personally don't like to read nonHEAs but if the writing is exceptionally good then sometimes I can overlook it. However if the author says from the outset that a fic is nonHEA then I will 99% pass on the fic. The only way I do end up reading these nonHEAs is when you are told nothing and just hoping, or is it assuming, that everything is going to turn out alright. 

Recently I was reading a fic where the author made a strong suggestion to a HEA for the E/B in the fic's summary. 20 odd chapters later it's become apparent that's not likely going to happen. True at this point  it wouldn't make sense to the story, but in another way I feel like I've been duped into reading something that I normally wouldn't.

In another fic, which was a drabble and very popular until it started to drag and go off the rails, the author killed off one of the main characters, completely out of the blue. The reaction was pretty swift with some readers asking what was the point of it, that the story's genre should be changed to tragedy and if they had known they would have never have read the fic.

I can understand how this would have upset the author. Readers should have faith in the story right? Yet  in this instance the death felt forced and sensational. Is it wrong to expect the author to respect the sensibilities of their readers in the same way authors expect readers to be respectful to them?

"But why would you want to read a fic knowing what the ending is going to be?" I've been asked this and it's a valid question. If I choose to read a book or other piece of fiction I don't really care about the destination, being more invested in the actual story. But fan fiction is different. I read fan fic for the romance firstly and then the story/writing. It's escapism in its most satisfying way and if a fic can also transcend and become an amazingly well written story then I feel like I've hit the jackpot. I want to always believe in a happy ending because lets face it, our RLs aren't always so easy to handle. When I finish a fic I don't want to cry sad tears.

This is what happened when I read.... SPOILER.... Closer by Teamsbella23. I seriously was not expecting that ending and burst into tears because of the shock. She eventually went onto make the sequel but the damage was done. Nevetheless I never forgot that fic, EVER.

And maybe that's the point of not revealing your intention for the ending. Closer resonated so loudly with me because the ending was so shocking and it really did feel true to the story in its entirity. 

That being said, I am a HEA lover. I want to kick back at the end of the day and sink myself into a great fic. Sure it can be painful and angsty along the way but knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel means that I can make it through those bitter times. 

Back to the Oldskool

Last Tango in Forks by Awesomesauce76

Bella Swan has spent a lifetime putting everyone else's needs before her own. Could a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger begin to change all of that? AU/AH

When I came upon Last Tango in Forks, I was still a baby to the fanfic world. Meaning I had no real sense of what I liked to read, didn't really understand the conventions of fanfic writing and wasn't aware of authors or stories. 

When LTiF started popping up on my twitter feed, I took a look and was hooked just like the hundreds/thousands of other readers who would squee when this fic updated. So this was my first real introduction to a highly sexual and emotionally charged fic.

Based loosely on Last Tango in Paris, Bella wanting to move out of her father's house, goes to check out an apartment but encounters another person who is also interested in the apartment and something else

Bella crossed the room and propped herself on the window ledge. "Listen... I'm sure you'd love for me to get the hell out of here. Even if you don't want the place, it's obvious that you need some privacy." He grimaced in response to her words but maintained eye contact. "Are you alright?" After what felt like minutes he shook his head slowly. "It's just that... I would feel terrible if I left here and didn't at least try to help." She tried to smile but it felt odd under his scrutiny. After a long pause she took a deep breath and bit the bullet. "Is there anything I can do for you?"
"Yes," he choked out. Although his voice sounded raw to Bella as if he'd been screaming, she wasn't surprised to hear the musical perfection behind it.
"What can I do?" She didn't notice that she had stopped breathing until she needed to speak.
He moved then, slowly walking towards her like a wildcat stalking its prey. The closer he got to her, the more she could feel something growing and tingling, as if an electric current was shooting between their bodies. He didn't stop until he was right in front of her with his arms on each side of the window, effectively caging her in. He even smells beautiful.
He looked deep into her eyes for almost a minute, allowing the electricity to build between them to a breaking point.
"You can let me fuck you," he whispered.

Hmm, wonder what she'll do? Well considering the above is just from the first chappie, you can probably understand how a lot of us stood no chance with this fic.

So what are the pressure points of this fic? Bella may be in this torrid 'no names allowed' sexfair with Edward but she's also in a relationship with Jake. One that presumably is supposed to lead to marriage and a banal existence. Edward an artist, is battle scarred from the death of a wife he never should of married and losing himself into the excesses of the art world rather than the his actual art. He's come home to reconnect with his family but struggles to meet them half way. Bella also knows his family quite intimately and thus you wonder "When are Edward & Bella going to meet!?!". As their feelings for each other grow around each other, it becomes increasingly difficult for the both of them to not be engaged in the life they actually want. 

This is a candy popping, infinite thumb scrolling fic and a classic that everyone should know about.

Read it Here: Last Tango in Forks

Monday, 14 May 2012

Fan Fic Vidiot

I'm noticing that there are a lot of fan fic vids dedicated to the BNF (Big Name Fics) but I understand why and it's cool cause there is a lot of good stuff out there. So this week's vids are for the megablockbuster fics Emancipation Proclamation by laurenlimegreen111 and Million Dollar Baby by Bleriana.

Emancipation Proclamation by laurenlimegreen111

Edward grew up in a life of money, power, & respect. Isabella was born into slavery-has never known another way. Their worlds collide & neither will ever be the same again. Will he give her freedom? Can he bear to ever let her go?

Everyone's read EP right? Well it seems like it. I remember first hearing about it in a tweet where someone declared it the 'best fic ever'. I thought it was a fic set during the Civil War.... wrong! When I did start to read it I got up to chapter 49 before I just had to take a break because the chapters were just so huge. Anyways I'm yet to finish it but I do plan on doing so. All I do now is that when the last chappie posted twitter cried everywhere. 

Million Dollar Baby by Bleriana

When Renee is diagnosed with a terminal illness, Isabella makes the ultimate sacrifice. Selling herself to the highest bidder, to do with her as they please, may just prove to be more than she bargained for.

I remember when I read this along with pretty much everyone. To be honest I found Edward's flip of a detached owner of Bella to all of a sudden a madly in love partner a little to quick to be believable. Nevetheless it was a good read and actually all I really remember is a quickie behind the house. The vid conveys, pretty well, the sexual energy of the fic. 

Now I would normally give you the links to the fic but they've both been pulled, with EP having been published under the new title, "Sempre: A Novel". I'm sure there are some pdfs floating around if you want it for freebies.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

From My Window by kitkat681

Every morning he watches her run past his house. He wants her. She has no idea.

An easy read right here! Despite the suspicious eyes I give drabbles, I have to admit that this one hooked me pretty early on. 

The chapters are short, this is a true drabble fic here. Each chapters seems to be under 1000 words but KitKat681 has used her words so effectively that you really get drawn into the possessive mind of Edward with a few sentences.

Edward spends his mornings watching a beautiful Bella jog past his house. He fantasises about her life, her family and why she runs to begin with. He becomes so obsessed with this pretty jogger that he feels compelled to jerk off as she runs by and eventually begins to follow her when the weather becomes bad.

There is more to this story than just a twisted case of stalker love, which is what I love about the fic. Your initial presumption about Edward totally flips half way through the story, which begs the question - when is stalker love okay for a fic?

Here you come…
And here I come.
I am kinda getting a bit disgusted with myself.
I mean…
My kids are right upstairs.
At any minute any one of them could come down.
Would I stop?
I know I would…
I mean they are my life.
There is nothing I would not do for them.
Would I stop?
I don't think I would.
I think it would take a team of horses to keep me from this window.
As you pass by.
God damn.

Edward's desire for Bella from afar, is searingly hot and raw. Can you imagine what would happen if they actually were in the same room together? Explosive to say the least. I doubt you've encountered an Edward like this before so clear a couple of hours, sit next to your window and watch Edward's passion unfold.

Read it Here: From My Window 

Make or Break Me by cruiz107

Bella, homeless and in need, collides into a man that can't be bothered with her. Is he the one who's going to pick her up or leave her in despair?

Straight off the bat, this fic is tough. It deals with homelessness in a brutal and what seems to be an honest way. Cruiz107 drives the reader into this bleak environment from the very first chapter and doesn't pull any punches.

Bella has been on the streets for 3 years after being overwhelmed by the death of her parents. She's literally living day to day, scrounging an existence just so she can make it to the next day. She prostitutes herself out, puts herself in very dangerous situations, is often dirty, cold, hungry and bored. It's a horrible turn of events as you discover that Bella was once a talented artist, one year from completing college and living a happy life.

Nothing is easy in Bella's life and her life only gets harder when she accidentally spills coffee over Edward one Sunday after bumping into him on the way to a clothes charity handout. He is livid and regards Bella with disgust, making Bella feel even more insignificant. Bella then attempts to make $300 to replace Edward's shirt her coffee ruined but after making almost half the money, she then is assaulted and comes into the view of a dangerous man, Peter. 

Bella and Edward apparently are meant to be in each other's lives as they cross paths each day. Edward taking pity on Bella's hardship begrudgingly offers her a job painting a potrait of his parents which eventually leads to her staying at Edward's. From there you find that Bella and Edward's lives interconnect more personally than they ever realised. 

This Edward is intriguing, in the fact that he is conveyed as a man that is ill tempered, with little patience and  mostly unsympathetic towards Bella. He is the driving force that keeps me invested in this fic because after several chapters, it is clear that he now feels something for Bella but is unable to express that in a positive way. He does not understand the life that Bella has endured and interprets her behaviour in broad ignorant strokes. You can tell he feels pulled to Bella but as yet does not trust her completely.

Bella is not an innocent, she has made the choices which lead her to a vagrant life and as a reader you feel conflicted between feeling sympathetic to her plight and irritated at the effect her choices have made to several people's lives including her best friend Rose. Nevertheless her account of life on the streets is at times so visceral and heartbreaking that I felt on the edge of tears from the acts of violence Bella endures to the general ignorance of herself as a person.

The first group of people came nearer and I groaned inwardly. I hated asking young girls for money – they were the worst. But I was desperate.

"Can you spare any change?" I asked, looking down at my feet and not able to meet their eyes.
"Seriously?" one of them scoffed. "If it's to buy a bar of soap then I'll think about it." Her two friends laughed with her. "Oh, and you smell like piss." They continued walking and laughing at my expense.
I tried not to let words hurt me, but it was an impossible goal. The only thing I could do was to push it to the back of my mind and move forward.
"Can you spare any change?" I asked a lone female walking with ear buds in her ears. She kept on walking, not even acknowledging me. I wanted to think that it was because she couldn't hear me, but I saw her stiffen when I asked.
I asked the next few people I saw, getting the same response from them all – I was ignored.
I stuffed my cold hands in my pockets, ready to walk away. I had only been soliciting for about twenty minutes but I already felt defeated. I was going to have to come to grips with the fact that I would not be eating today.

Oh and there is a reason why Bella smells like piss and no one would laugh if they knew. Like I said, Make or Break Me asks you to fully invest yourself into a world that you hope never to experience but what rises it to the next level is that you realize it's not going to be as simple as Edward saving her. If he actually wants to at all.

Read it Here: Make or Break Me