Saturday, 2 June 2012

Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range by beegurl13

Two consenting adults. One wants more. What happens when the other doesn't, and never will? Is there such thing as true love in the real world? And will they see what's coming before it's too late? E/B, AH, M. For The Twilight 25 Round 6 Challenge

There are quite a few fics out there that start with a lot of moaning and groaning caused by Edward ploughing into some non-Bella skank. What caught my interest initially is that this time it's Bella sexing it up... and not with Edward. Now Bella is no skank and this isn't even a serious relationship she's involved in but it is a definite goodbye because Bella is moving from Arizona to Washington state to be near her sick father.

Her father is grateful for Bella's attention but also recognises that she may need her space and as such provides her with an apartment above the bar that she will be managing in Clallam Bay. Clallam Bay is also one of the ports for many fishing crews that work the oceans later in the year. Edward is the Captain of one of these boats.

Now this Edward is seriously sexy and confident but he should be, having bedded many of the single women in Clallam Bay. You know the saying "one in every port"? Well I'm surprised Edward doesn't have this stitched into his cap. Bella knowing what she's getting herself into embarks on a frenzied one night stand (literally) and then a casual relationship with Edward. Casual because Edward doesn't do relationships, never. So Bella fights her growing attraction as Edward seems oblivious to his.

At the end of his stay Edward sails off into the sunset with the goal to get to Argentina and Carmen. Now don't hate on Edward just yet. Admittedly Bella isn't Edward's first love, it's the sea and he's been living this carefree lifestyle for so long, the boy doesn't really know what he's feeling or doing.

Bella suffers though from his confusion and apparent lack of concern and when Edward does return the next year, he learns pretty quickly that Bella is no pushover and that he can no longer behave hoorishly anymore. 

So why do I love this fic? Well it's Edward (big surprise) but he's an ass. He's fucked around, albeit in a very open honest way, but when he does realise he wants to be solely with Bella he commits his heart to her. Problem is this boy has never been in a relationship and he screws up many times, sometimes in a huge way. This Bella is also quite interesting. Cognitively she knows what she initially agreed to with Edward but is still willing to follow her heart no matter how long she has to wait for Edward to come around or home.

"There's a reason I didn't want you to write me, or call me. There's a reason I couldn't have any contact with you. Last year when I sailed out of this harbor, it was the first time in my whole life that I got to the Pacific, and I wanted to turn around."
Wait, what? He didn't want to leave? I look to my left, trying to see him sitting at the bar, without making it obvious, and what I see tears my heart out. He's sitting with his beer bottle between his hands, staring down at it. His shoulders are hunched over, and I've never seen him look this defeated before. I want more than anything to go to him, to pull him into my arms and beg him to just tell me why he did what he did. Why he had to be with other women. Why he had to leave me. Why? I don't understand why.
"I don't have relationships because they aren't a luxury I can afford. My life isn't like that. And for the first time, all I wanted was to be able to stay here with you, to not have to leave. To stand next to you on that dock and watch as my crew sailed away. But I couldn't. You don't even understand how tightly I'm bound, Bella. You have no idea."

This fic seems to be winding down and the second half is focussed on how to make this long distance relationship work (plus some intense drama) but it has certainly been addictive and heartfelt.

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