Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lack of Color by Coldplaywhore

He paints; she inspires. Together they are whole, until one day they are separated, breaking him of his soul. Five years later, she's not his. Can she be again? ExB AU AH M for language and lemons.

This is a great little fic and what might make it an even better proposition to you is that it's complete! God, don't you fucking love those completed fics? I sure do, nothing like knowing you won't have to have your heart in your throat for a whole week waiting for an update.

Bella meets Edward after answering an ad he placed looking for a model. Bella's got a lotta bills she as to pay for and this job provides the perfect opportunity for her to earn good money quickly. 

24 year old meets 19 year old Edward and an instant attraction is felt. It really is a only a matter of time before they succumb to the feelings that crackle between them and to be honest this artist Edward is sultry hot for such a young boy.

"Why did you pose nude, that is?"
"Well, first of all I haven't been completely nude yet," I mused as Edward gave a small laugh. "And secondly, I need the money. I'm really close to losing my apartment and I refuse to take money from my mother, yet again."
"That's all I get is an okay?"
"Yeah. I mean, you've been a great model today and I've enjoyed spending time with you, getting to know you. I don't really care what brought you here, I'm just glad you are, you know?"
"I know." I smiled sweetly at Edward and he went back to working away, asking me the most random questions about growing up in Forks, and what my favorite movies and bands were.
It was all very casual and easy until he moved away from the canvas and came towards me, bending at the knees in front of me. "I need to move your sash."
"Alright," I squeaked, somewhat unsettled because I knew that the sash for the robe was currently draped between my legs. This would either end badly or... I didn't even want to think of the possibilities.
I watched, taking a nervous gulp, as Edward moved his hand between my legs and reached for the sash to move it to the side. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you were me, his finger slipped between my wet pussy lips before finding their true goal.
Edward froze. His eyes, clouded with both lust and anxiety, as he stared me down. "I am so sorry, Bella," he stammered as he rose from his spot and headed directly into the bathroom, closing the door with a slam behind him.
"Fuck," I groaned as I sat there, my body trembling with apprehension.

However the relationship ends abruptly and the reader is brought to the present through E's POV. Edward's life spiralled out of control when he & Bella broke up and only now is his life getting back on track. However his art was a casualty and he's been unable to connect with anyone since. Unfortunately life gets a lot harder when Bella comes back into his life, the fiancé of his douche bag cousin Peter. Why is she with him? How did they even meet? Why is Bella so different from the vibrant woman he first met? Can Edward get over the resentment and abandonment he feels? Can he stay away from Bella? Well this is all answered but it's not as simple as Edward once thought.

Read it Here: Lack Of Color

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