Monday, 4 June 2012

MTV Movie Awards 2012 - Unstoppable


So what is there to say about this year's MTV Movie awards? Well I guess we can say the for an award show that had heralded new changes and requests to be a respected legitimate show, it really provided the same old, same old. Only difference they now have an entire fandom that is suspicious and burned by MTV.

My take on MTVs overt snub of Breaking Dawn pt1 was that it was obviously their attempt at ensuring other movies could receive their awards. I'm sure it's been discussed that the prospect of having the Twilight franchise dominate most categories for half a decade meant something had to change with the MMA format. 

There is some validity to that. Last year Robert won Best Actor, but was he really better than Jesse Eisenberg for The Social Network? Additionally Kristen won for Best Actress, but was her role in Eclipse better than Oscar nominated Natalie Portman in The Black Swan or Emma Stone in Easy A?

It's all beside the point since this is a popularity contest and hell I'll always vote for Rob and Kristen. This is the inherent problem for MTV and their MMAs, there is a distinct difference between Outstanding and Popular performances. So I get why they excluded Rob, Kristen & BD1 but for a franchise and fandom that basically put the MMAs back to the forefront on the awards circuit, their treatment of us was shabby and classless as they showed Twilight the door whilst ushering in their new darling The Hunger Games.

Nevertheless at the end of the day we won Movie of the Year AND Best Kiss, once again proving to all that, when it wants to, this fandom mobilises like no other. If anything I bet our votes were up considerably as we voted as a "fuck you" to MTV. 

So who knows what next year will bring, the only thing certain is that this is beginning of the end of the relationship between the MMAs and this fandom but all that drama is for another time. Today we can just buzz in the glow of the 2 awards. Congratulations Rob & Kristen on your 4th Best Kiss award and to the whole crew of Breaking Dawn Pt1 for Best Film!

Now let's get to the real question though... Who the hell was that girl in the leopard outfit?!

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