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Appease by Rochelle Allison

NEW FICTIONISTA WORKSHOP WITFITS: APRIL 2012 - JUNE 2012. started with Brighter. Now on Appease.

Rochelle Allison is one of my most favourite fanfic writers. I'd also bet money that she is one of the most beloved writers in the fandom, consistently producing engaging, romantic and realistic fics time again.

If you haven't discovered the beauty of her witfits or fics then you seriously need to remedy it. Appease is the second story for the April - June witfit period and it's wonderful.

Starting at chapter 35 we are introduced to Bella as she is being interviewed by Tanya for the position of Nanny for her young children with Edward. Bella gets the job and moves into the Masen household for the summer period whilst she's on holiday from NYU. 

The small twist comes into play as you find out that her two young charges have two half siblings, Alice and Edward jr. There is an instant attraction between Edward jr and Bella but Edward is a preppy nightmare who has gone through his romantic life charming the pants of the women he wants. To Bella though, his lame come ons fall flat and are received with revulsion. Nevertheless she can't help being attracted to Edward because despite these shortcomings he is a caring, sensitive brother and does have his genuine moments.

So what will these two do? Because it's not as simple as choosing to be together. Bella is wary of starting a relationship with her boss' elder son. She also finds out that Mrs Tanya Masen made a pass at Edward jr years ago, which could jeopardise her position. Additionally Bella's a little wary of Edward jr who seems to have been on the same path as his detached father.

The beauty of this fic is the way Rochelle Allison can write such relatable, honest characters. The 2 young children Alistair and Irina are tenacious and so sweet, you can clearly see why everyone wants to protect them. Edward, Alice and even Esme are flawed but all have immense hearts.

She nods, laughing lowly. "I know, I know. The thing is, I raised him. He thinks he has to be like his father, his father whom he actually resents. He thinks that because they share blood, they have to share personality traits..." Shaking her head, she looks straight at me. "I've been fighting for him for a long time."
"What do you mean?"
"He's been going through this phase for awhile now, and while it probably sounds na├»ve to you, I can assure you that it is just a phase. He's always been appealing to girls, and when he hit puberty...his father sort of played it up for him. Made it look like it was the way to go." She wrinkles her nose in disgust. "I always allowed him and Alice to spend as much time with their father as they wanted, because I didn't want our failed marriage to sever their relationships. Sometimes I wonder if it was the right choice. Alice drifted away on her own, but Edward...seemed to think they had things in common. Is as if Edward wants to be different but he's resigned himself to being the same."
"Do they have things in common?"
"Of course. They're both handsome, charismatic, ambitious men. Except Edward's father uses these things irresponsibly whereas my son has more of a conscience. He's not nearly as ruthless." She smiles. "And he has a bigger heart."

It's not ridiculous drama or bizarre plot twists, it's falling in love and loving the life you lead. And that is why Rochelle Allison is one of the best of the bests.

Read it Here: Appease

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