Tuesday, 29 May 2012

ROBSTEN Cannes 2012 :: All for You

So I've been MIA for the week and I apologise. Between getting a new job and seeing Rob and Kristen being freaking adorable in Cannes, I have found it hard to keep conscious.

However I had to make a vid for this amazing week and that how All for You came to be. Enjoy! x

Monday, 21 May 2012

Here, In My Room

Bella is Jake's girl. Edward intends to change that. Sweaty back seats, stolen glances that cross the line and unrequited love that holds back no more. Edward & Bella AH.

What is it about those young 20 something Edwards who ride in cars, smoking Js, cause trouble and want Bella with an intense scary fierceness? When they are written well, these Edwards literally smoke off the screen, leaving readers flustered and stalking their inboxes for alerts.

This Edward is no exception. I love his single mindedness. He wants Bella, knows that she's Jake's girlfriend but is still going to take her. Jake's a douche anyways, he's a cheater and takes advantage of Bella, so the fact Edward is cutting another man's lunch is easier to take.

I was new to this town. I didn't know the kids here like Jake did. When Emmett told me Jake needed a new hook-up, I provided it. Simple as that. I would drop the shipments off when I got them, and Jake, and his boy Jasper, would get rid of it. Eventually I came to like Jake. Until I met Bella.
The day I saw her come back from the bathroom and sit in his lap, leaning over to kiss him, I realized that was his girl. The one he would mention every now and then. I remembered how he talked about her hazel eyes and her pretty, pink pussy that was "the best he'd ever had." He had also mentioned that was the only reason he kept her as a girlfriend. She was the best he'd ever had. Little did Jake know, I was about to be the best she'd ever had.

Most of the chapters are in the drabble format but they have been increasing in length with each update (which I'm sure we are all happy with) with the last several updates being in Edward's POV. The beginning of the fic consists of Bella's steamy and summer sweet chapters revealing her desire for Edward. 

This fic is so tactile and engaging due to a seriously entrancing Edward. Hot damn by the end of chapter 26, you'll do anything Edward says as well. Check it out.

Read it Here: Here, In My Room

The Procrustean Bed by gemini13me

Procrustean Bed- a standard or set of conditions, determined arbitrarily, to which everyone is forced to conform. But the question is... are there really any rules when it comes to the affairs of the heart?

More often these days, if I ever read a new fic I always check out the author's bio. If they are under 20 or not from a primarily English speaking country it shows in the writing. Not sure of gemini13me's age but this author is from Romania and her story The Procrustean Bed is a great fic. Maybe she's my Only Exception?

Edward walks into the bookstore that Bella works at. He's indifferent verging on rude to Bella whilst looking for a book for his beloved niece Jess. However this is Edward so of course Bella is going to still appreciate this very handsome man. It's just a shame Edward doesn't even give her a second glance once he has his book.

It's not his fault really, Edward has a lot of baggage in his life. Still reeling from the recent death of his wife Tanya (killed of right at the beginning.. yeh!) and trying to manage the expectations of his family specifically his iron fisted mother, Edward's only sense of freedom of relaxation is with young Jess. 

Jess eventually brings Edward and Bella together much to her uncle's displeasure and their relationship slowly builds as Edward allows for the possibility of letting someone else in his life.

And it was strange how I was trying to somehow keep Isabella at arm's length but at the same time I couldn't wait to take things further. I wanted to honor Tanya, and every time I kissed Isabella or touched her like only a lover would, I was doing anything but that. In all honesty, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I wanted us to take things slow, yet I was eager to speed up. I was eager for more. So much more. In fact, sometimes my eagerness went as far as thinking that maybe someday Isabella was going to be the most important person in my life, just like Tanya had been for so long. I even dared to hope that my biggest dream of having a family of my own wasn't going to remain something I fantasized about forever.

As the fic progresses these 2 do fall in love but they've got some serious troubles. Firstly Edward carries a lot of guilt about how he really felt about Tanya and the relationships with his family. Secondly the Esme in this fic is a complete bitch. I love it! It's actually so good to read an Esme who isn't tearing up inside but instead rips into Bella with her snide comments and hurtful accusations. Esme makes it very clear to the family that Bella is beneath Edward and completely unsuitable for her son and she'll do anything to split these two up. Jess' parents Emmett and Rosie are also not much support either since they take Esme's side which turns the screw that bit more on E/B.

Can Edward remain clear headed enough to not be affected by his mother's manipulations? At this point it's debatable, even though his relationship with Bella has become extremely serious and committed. The guy's confused and selfish but Bella isn't going to take this lying, down she's going to fight for her family. Oh a Bella and Esme battle? Shit yeah! Bring. It. On!

Read it Here: The Procrustean Bed

Beautiful Complications by Discordia81

Bella and Edward's hook up at a party causes a rift among their friends but they can't stay away from each other. When Edward leaves for Italy and Bella realizes she's attracted to her friend Claire, their already shaky relationship is threatened.

Want a bit of dirty realism in your fic? Sick of all those young "ILY" forever & ever declarations? Then Beautiful Complications might be the fic for you.

Bella, Rosalie and Alice meet Jasper, Edward and Emmett after watching the boys at a gig. However Edward  hooks up with Rosalie and Bella is essentially left as the fifth wheel in this little social group. At one point whilst everyone is getting busy, she's sitting in the lounge room reading a book (sad I know). However Bella starts becoming infatuated with Edward and eventually he turns his affections towards Bella. Bad news for the girls because Rosalie is livid and as a result Bella decides she can no longer do anything with Edward because her friendship with Rose means more. Sadly after reaching out to Rose,  she realises Rose has essentially severed their ties.

What follows is an agreement between Edward and Bella to essentially be each others fuck buddies, unfortunately from the get go there is something more going on here. There are nightly phone calls, Edward's tender moments and Bella finally admitting she's in love but still Bella cannot give herself to Edward.  She's afraid of real intimacy in a relationship and her lack of experience in dating. Oh and she's also attracted to girls so she's constantly second guessing Edward's intentions and her ability to give. Yeah she kinda pissed me off. 

There was no way this would end well. It was obvious that there was something between us. Something more than just friendship or sex. But that didn't mean he loved me. He cared about me, I knew that for certain. But the space between affection and love was wide and undefined. I knew how much he hated girls who were clingy, or pushy. We hadn't laid out any ground rules when this had all began, but surely me telling him that I loved him would make him run screaming and I was terrified at the thought of losing him.

The beauty of this fic is the more realistic attitude it has about young love. Does your first guy, love, infatuation have the strength to be forever? What if you fall in love with someone who has never been with anyone else, is it fair to be in a serious long term relationship with them? Would you always wonder if the grass was greener on the other side? This is what is the struggle for this E/B. 

Only criticism? This fic is 60 chapters and truthfully it's could have been edited down to be punchier but saying that, I ended up reading it in 1 day (skimming over certain chappies) and think this underrated gem deserves some love.

Read it Here: Beautiful Complications

Saturday, 19 May 2012

nonHEA is a dirty word


You've read each update as it roles into your inbox, you savour each word and feel like 'okay now we are getting somewhere' but then... you get this feeling worse then realising a cliffie is coming up, this feeling is the, "wait! if the author has said there are only 2 more chapters... How are are Edward & Bella going to end up together. WAIT I don't think they are. THIS IS GONNA BE A NON-HEA!!"

I personally don't like to read nonHEAs but if the writing is exceptionally good then sometimes I can overlook it. However if the author says from the outset that a fic is nonHEA then I will 99% pass on the fic. The only way I do end up reading these nonHEAs is when you are told nothing and just hoping, or is it assuming, that everything is going to turn out alright. 

Recently I was reading a fic where the author made a strong suggestion to a HEA for the E/B in the fic's summary. 20 odd chapters later it's become apparent that's not likely going to happen. True at this point  it wouldn't make sense to the story, but in another way I feel like I've been duped into reading something that I normally wouldn't.

In another fic, which was a drabble and very popular until it started to drag and go off the rails, the author killed off one of the main characters, completely out of the blue. The reaction was pretty swift with some readers asking what was the point of it, that the story's genre should be changed to tragedy and if they had known they would have never have read the fic.

I can understand how this would have upset the author. Readers should have faith in the story right? Yet  in this instance the death felt forced and sensational. Is it wrong to expect the author to respect the sensibilities of their readers in the same way authors expect readers to be respectful to them?

"But why would you want to read a fic knowing what the ending is going to be?" I've been asked this and it's a valid question. If I choose to read a book or other piece of fiction I don't really care about the destination, being more invested in the actual story. But fan fiction is different. I read fan fic for the romance firstly and then the story/writing. It's escapism in its most satisfying way and if a fic can also transcend and become an amazingly well written story then I feel like I've hit the jackpot. I want to always believe in a happy ending because lets face it, our RLs aren't always so easy to handle. When I finish a fic I don't want to cry sad tears.

This is what happened when I read.... SPOILER.... Closer by Teamsbella23. I seriously was not expecting that ending and burst into tears because of the shock. She eventually went onto make the sequel but the damage was done. Nevetheless I never forgot that fic, EVER.

And maybe that's the point of not revealing your intention for the ending. Closer resonated so loudly with me because the ending was so shocking and it really did feel true to the story in its entirity. 

That being said, I am a HEA lover. I want to kick back at the end of the day and sink myself into a great fic. Sure it can be painful and angsty along the way but knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel means that I can make it through those bitter times. 

Back to the Oldskool

Last Tango in Forks by Awesomesauce76

Bella Swan has spent a lifetime putting everyone else's needs before her own. Could a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger begin to change all of that? AU/AH

When I came upon Last Tango in Forks, I was still a baby to the fanfic world. Meaning I had no real sense of what I liked to read, didn't really understand the conventions of fanfic writing and wasn't aware of authors or stories. 

When LTiF started popping up on my twitter feed, I took a look and was hooked just like the hundreds/thousands of other readers who would squee when this fic updated. So this was my first real introduction to a highly sexual and emotionally charged fic.

Based loosely on Last Tango in Paris, Bella wanting to move out of her father's house, goes to check out an apartment but encounters another person who is also interested in the apartment and something else

Bella crossed the room and propped herself on the window ledge. "Listen... I'm sure you'd love for me to get the hell out of here. Even if you don't want the place, it's obvious that you need some privacy." He grimaced in response to her words but maintained eye contact. "Are you alright?" After what felt like minutes he shook his head slowly. "It's just that... I would feel terrible if I left here and didn't at least try to help." She tried to smile but it felt odd under his scrutiny. After a long pause she took a deep breath and bit the bullet. "Is there anything I can do for you?"
"Yes," he choked out. Although his voice sounded raw to Bella as if he'd been screaming, she wasn't surprised to hear the musical perfection behind it.
"What can I do?" She didn't notice that she had stopped breathing until she needed to speak.
He moved then, slowly walking towards her like a wildcat stalking its prey. The closer he got to her, the more she could feel something growing and tingling, as if an electric current was shooting between their bodies. He didn't stop until he was right in front of her with his arms on each side of the window, effectively caging her in. He even smells beautiful.
He looked deep into her eyes for almost a minute, allowing the electricity to build between them to a breaking point.
"You can let me fuck you," he whispered.

Hmm, wonder what she'll do? Well considering the above is just from the first chappie, you can probably understand how a lot of us stood no chance with this fic.

So what are the pressure points of this fic? Bella may be in this torrid 'no names allowed' sexfair with Edward but she's also in a relationship with Jake. One that presumably is supposed to lead to marriage and a banal existence. Edward an artist, is battle scarred from the death of a wife he never should of married and losing himself into the excesses of the art world rather than the his actual art. He's come home to reconnect with his family but struggles to meet them half way. Bella also knows his family quite intimately and thus you wonder "When are Edward & Bella going to meet!?!". As their feelings for each other grow around each other, it becomes increasingly difficult for the both of them to not be engaged in the life they actually want. 

This is a candy popping, infinite thumb scrolling fic and a classic that everyone should know about.

Read it Here: Last Tango in Forks

Monday, 14 May 2012

Fan Fic Vidiot

I'm noticing that there are a lot of fan fic vids dedicated to the BNF (Big Name Fics) but I understand why and it's cool cause there is a lot of good stuff out there. So this week's vids are for the megablockbuster fics Emancipation Proclamation by laurenlimegreen111 and Million Dollar Baby by Bleriana.

Emancipation Proclamation by laurenlimegreen111

Edward grew up in a life of money, power, & respect. Isabella was born into slavery-has never known another way. Their worlds collide & neither will ever be the same again. Will he give her freedom? Can he bear to ever let her go?

Everyone's read EP right? Well it seems like it. I remember first hearing about it in a tweet where someone declared it the 'best fic ever'. I thought it was a fic set during the Civil War.... wrong! When I did start to read it I got up to chapter 49 before I just had to take a break because the chapters were just so huge. Anyways I'm yet to finish it but I do plan on doing so. All I do now is that when the last chappie posted twitter cried everywhere. 

Million Dollar Baby by Bleriana

When Renee is diagnosed with a terminal illness, Isabella makes the ultimate sacrifice. Selling herself to the highest bidder, to do with her as they please, may just prove to be more than she bargained for.

I remember when I read this along with pretty much everyone. To be honest I found Edward's flip of a detached owner of Bella to all of a sudden a madly in love partner a little to quick to be believable. Nevetheless it was a good read and actually all I really remember is a quickie behind the house. The vid conveys, pretty well, the sexual energy of the fic. 

Now I would normally give you the links to the fic but they've both been pulled, with EP having been published under the new title, "Sempre: A Novel". I'm sure there are some pdfs floating around if you want it for freebies.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

From My Window by kitkat681

Every morning he watches her run past his house. He wants her. She has no idea.

An easy read right here! Despite the suspicious eyes I give drabbles, I have to admit that this one hooked me pretty early on. 

The chapters are short, this is a true drabble fic here. Each chapters seems to be under 1000 words but KitKat681 has used her words so effectively that you really get drawn into the possessive mind of Edward with a few sentences.

Edward spends his mornings watching a beautiful Bella jog past his house. He fantasises about her life, her family and why she runs to begin with. He becomes so obsessed with this pretty jogger that he feels compelled to jerk off as she runs by and eventually begins to follow her when the weather becomes bad.

There is more to this story than just a twisted case of stalker love, which is what I love about the fic. Your initial presumption about Edward totally flips half way through the story, which begs the question - when is stalker love okay for a fic?

Here you come…
And here I come.
I am kinda getting a bit disgusted with myself.
I mean…
My kids are right upstairs.
At any minute any one of them could come down.
Would I stop?
I know I would…
I mean they are my life.
There is nothing I would not do for them.
Would I stop?
I don't think I would.
I think it would take a team of horses to keep me from this window.
As you pass by.
God damn.

Edward's desire for Bella from afar, is searingly hot and raw. Can you imagine what would happen if they actually were in the same room together? Explosive to say the least. I doubt you've encountered an Edward like this before so clear a couple of hours, sit next to your window and watch Edward's passion unfold.

Read it Here: From My Window 

Make or Break Me by cruiz107

Bella, homeless and in need, collides into a man that can't be bothered with her. Is he the one who's going to pick her up or leave her in despair?

Straight off the bat, this fic is tough. It deals with homelessness in a brutal and what seems to be an honest way. Cruiz107 drives the reader into this bleak environment from the very first chapter and doesn't pull any punches.

Bella has been on the streets for 3 years after being overwhelmed by the death of her parents. She's literally living day to day, scrounging an existence just so she can make it to the next day. She prostitutes herself out, puts herself in very dangerous situations, is often dirty, cold, hungry and bored. It's a horrible turn of events as you discover that Bella was once a talented artist, one year from completing college and living a happy life.

Nothing is easy in Bella's life and her life only gets harder when she accidentally spills coffee over Edward one Sunday after bumping into him on the way to a clothes charity handout. He is livid and regards Bella with disgust, making Bella feel even more insignificant. Bella then attempts to make $300 to replace Edward's shirt her coffee ruined but after making almost half the money, she then is assaulted and comes into the view of a dangerous man, Peter. 

Bella and Edward apparently are meant to be in each other's lives as they cross paths each day. Edward taking pity on Bella's hardship begrudgingly offers her a job painting a potrait of his parents which eventually leads to her staying at Edward's. From there you find that Bella and Edward's lives interconnect more personally than they ever realised. 

This Edward is intriguing, in the fact that he is conveyed as a man that is ill tempered, with little patience and  mostly unsympathetic towards Bella. He is the driving force that keeps me invested in this fic because after several chapters, it is clear that he now feels something for Bella but is unable to express that in a positive way. He does not understand the life that Bella has endured and interprets her behaviour in broad ignorant strokes. You can tell he feels pulled to Bella but as yet does not trust her completely.

Bella is not an innocent, she has made the choices which lead her to a vagrant life and as a reader you feel conflicted between feeling sympathetic to her plight and irritated at the effect her choices have made to several people's lives including her best friend Rose. Nevertheless her account of life on the streets is at times so visceral and heartbreaking that I felt on the edge of tears from the acts of violence Bella endures to the general ignorance of herself as a person.

The first group of people came nearer and I groaned inwardly. I hated asking young girls for money – they were the worst. But I was desperate.

"Can you spare any change?" I asked, looking down at my feet and not able to meet their eyes.
"Seriously?" one of them scoffed. "If it's to buy a bar of soap then I'll think about it." Her two friends laughed with her. "Oh, and you smell like piss." They continued walking and laughing at my expense.
I tried not to let words hurt me, but it was an impossible goal. The only thing I could do was to push it to the back of my mind and move forward.
"Can you spare any change?" I asked a lone female walking with ear buds in her ears. She kept on walking, not even acknowledging me. I wanted to think that it was because she couldn't hear me, but I saw her stiffen when I asked.
I asked the next few people I saw, getting the same response from them all – I was ignored.
I stuffed my cold hands in my pockets, ready to walk away. I had only been soliciting for about twenty minutes but I already felt defeated. I was going to have to come to grips with the fact that I would not be eating today.

Oh and there is a reason why Bella smells like piss and no one would laugh if they knew. Like I said, Make or Break Me asks you to fully invest yourself into a world that you hope never to experience but what rises it to the next level is that you realize it's not going to be as simple as Edward saving her. If he actually wants to at all.

Read it Here: Make or Break Me

Deeper Discord by ifyouweremine

Edward is a boxer with a dark past and secrets. When his best friend's little sister moves in, he finds himself in the biggest brawl of his life. A story of love and sacrifice and fighting for what matters most. AH/OOC - M for content

Edward's is a fighter, well was a fighter. He is literally bound from moving forward with his life because of his ex-wife Rose and the baggage of his parent's death. 

Meeting Rose after his parents had died in a car crash, Edward casually hooks up with her, refusing to give the commitment she wants. This forces her into Emmett's waiting arms, however a pregnancy and a subsequent diastrous marriage leaves Edward with a beautiful daughter but a controlling, bitter ex-wife.

Bella arrives at her ex-stepbrother Jasper's home in Chicago after her mother and current stepfather Phil, spend her college fund and then demand that she instead works to contribute to the house. Bella accepts Jasper's offer to stay at his home and get her life back on track. 

But who do you think is Jasper's housemate? Yup Daddyward himself, and having Bella in his home will cause nothing but trouble. Why? Well Rose demands that Edward essentially get approval for any girl he dates or has around their daughter Grace. If he upsets her then she threatens his visitations with Grace. When Rose sees Bella at Edward and Jasper's apartment she automatically gets herself up in a suspicious bunch. Bella is at first unaware of the dynamic between Edward and Rose and feels herself being a bigger inconvenience than she ever had. Add to that Edward's disdain towards her, Bella is struggling to find a happy medium in her interaction with him. Poor girl, doesn't she know that Edward's fighting a growing attraction to her.

I'd done nothing but think and dream about Bella since the night I'd scared her in the kitchen. I had no intention of touching her - ever, but I'd reacted too quickly, knowing she was about to scream. Once she was in my grasp, I was gone... lost to her.
I'm a visual person, and her response to my actions only heightened my senses. When she leaned against me, I saw myself sliding my hand from her hip, down into her panties and finger-fucking her until she came, screaming my name. Then she'd unknowingly displayed her perfectly round tits through her tank top when she leaned back against the counter, asking if I was allowed to have a girlfriend. I knew she didn't mean it the way it came out, but her words set my mind reeling about if she was my girl. 

It's still early days for this young fic (5 chapters) but I can see a lot of potential in exploring Edward's character and whether he'll make the decision to fight for the light he actually wants. Also, who doesn't want to see the oncoming shit storm from Rose once she realises how important Bella may actually become to Edward. I'm thinking that Bella may not just be the naive little sister people think she is.

Read it Here: Deeper Discord

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson

It's May 13 which means it's a special boy's birthday. Happy Birthday Rob!

Did you know that when this man was born that The Chicken Song by Spitting Image was the No.1 song in the UK? This reaffirms my belief that the UK contributed greatly to the shiteous music of the 80s. ummm SAW anyone?

So it's this guy's birthday but why do we all just lose our freaking minds over him? Well for me, it is because he seems like just a nice, normal, likeable guy. He's someone who doesn't promote himself shamelessly or project a sense of entitlement. He is genuinely kind & patient to his fans and that in itself is the mark of a great movie star. As an actor, he is making really smart choices and I believe that he'll only improve as an actor with projects that will only be sources of pride for him. 

And finally, I respect him because he appears to be a loyal friend, a good son and is completely in love and protective of his girlfriend. The respect and tenderness he shows to his girlfriend Kristen, shows us all the kind of man he is.

Rob I can assure you, the dedication you receive from your fans is not because of anything Stephanie Meyer has written about a 1 dimensional character like Edward Cullen, it's because of all the above. Congratulations on all your successes and I wish you nothing but the very best for the next 12 months.
Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Biggest FicH00r of the Week - That's Me!

Guess what? Not only is it my birthday today (10 May) but yup I finally did it y'all!! ::dusts off shoulders like Rob dancing in front of a mirror::

After a year of trying I have finally achieved the honoured titled of "Biggest FicH00r of the Week".  Quite funny actually considering that I wasn't even going to play this week but after a cup of coffee to jerk me into consciousness I played.

It's also quite safe to say that when I realised I had won there was a lot of screaming, flailing on the floor and yelps of 'Holy Shit!' at my house.

And not only do I get this awesome avi but I was also interviewed by @maxandmo. So if you are interested on who I want to use a butt plug with/on, check it out on the TwiFicTrivia blog: TwiFicTrivia

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Someone Like Your by IReen H

Age of Edward Judges Choice Winner: Bella struggles with mental illness, Edward struggles with fidelity. Story set in 1950 with flashbacks through the 40s. Title based on "Someone Like You" by Doris Day.

You know what I love? I love when you bored, restless searching aimlessly for fics through lists, blogs and facebook pages. You see one fic, read the summary and think 'yeh nah, not for me', but then eventually you decide to read. However halfway through you physically stop and think, "why did I wait so long to read this?!". This is what Someone Like You by IReen H is to me.

This fic, hands down, is the best o/s that I have read in as long as I can remember. Come to think of it, it's one of the most well written fics I've read in a long time, period.

Set in 1950, Bella & Edward's marriage is slowly crumbling. Bella, who suffers from mental illness that has only become worse because of World War Two, lives on a knife edge trying to be the 'good wife' whilst maintaining a grip on her sensibility. She feels Edward slipping away and he is. Edward has found comfort with another but maintains his commitment to his marriage. Shit hits the fan when Bella starts to suspect there is more than one person in her marriage.

Bella walked over to him purposefully and inhaled deeply through her nose. "You smell of Shalimar."

"Bella – YOU wear Shalimar."
"Not since Christmas, when you gave me the Miss Dior Cherie."
"And you wear that?" She didn't. It was gathering dust on her vanity.
"Sometimes." She whispered.
"Sometimes. Like when you have dinner ready on time? Sometimes." His tone was annoyed, and he was already regretting it, but then he thought of Maribel. Her warm mouth, her warm welcoming body. Just get through this, he told himself.
Fire flashed in Bella's eyes, cocoa turned to steel. "You scarcely take meals here anymore. Honestly, Edward, I don't know why I bother."
"Bella love, you DON'T bother."

I can't praise this fic enough, the tension that pulls underneath that suburban veneer is palatable, with Edward  struggles at once to bring Bella in with one arm whilst pushing her away with the other. This fic absolutely deserved to win Judges Choice in the Age of Edward contest.

Word of warning though, this o/s is not for the faint hearted. It's macabre, a tragedy and angsty as all fuck but I will promise you once you finish the last sentence you will know it was all been worth it.

Read it Here: Someone Like You

Back to the Oldskool

I'll Be Your Lover Too by EdwardsBloodType

Bella is helping her best friend Edward cope with his dark and tragic past while strugging to hide her true feelings for him. When a friend comes to visit, she will force them to recognize their deepest desires.

So thinking about what "classic" fic to recommend, I thought to look at my Favourites List. Well the third fic that I had added in 2010 was a little fic called HIGH ANXIETY. You might have read it. Well there is no denying that HA is one of the ultimate classics but to be honest I find EdwardsBloodTypes' I'LL BE YOUR LOVER TOO to be the first classic fic that I occasionally reread and my first Oldskool rec.

Best friends Edward and Bella are living together and apparently cohabiting quite happily. Bella has just come out of a bad relationship that was originally only intended to be a casual hookup. Edward seems to be coasting through his manwhore life without issue. But, you know how these things go, Bella is in love with Edward but Edward is apparently still suffering from the death of his fiancé Jane several years ago.

When an old tart comes back into town (good old Tanya) Edward begs Bella to accompany him so he doesn't have to suffer Tanya on his own. Bella agrees to the night out and what unfolds is a night of first time drugs and a threesome. Admittedly this threesome is going to blow your mind a little but not because it's just a steamy lemon but because Edward is actually also in love with Bella and believes this could be his only way to express his love for her. 

From that point there is another night of group sex (also involving a young actor Robert Pattinson) and the ramifications of what these expressions of intimacy mean for Edward & Bella. They struggle to process what the sex meant because they are unable to communicate properly to each other and this is exasperated  with a pre booked holiday to Mexico.

What brings me back though to this fic is the flawed characterisation of Edward, he's damaged & guilt ridden but not for reasons you may think. Bella also must come to terms to opening herself up to Edward without any fear. Finally combined with the insane crackling lemons this is one for the shelf.

Read it Here: I'll Be Your Lover Too

Monday, 7 May 2012

Fan Fic Vidiot

When it comes to making rob/kristen fan vids, I think I can pretty much make anything out of a couple clips & the right song. When it comes to fan fic vids, I'm often left pulling my hair out, groaning because I can't get my head around conveying the story correctly. Basically it's because I feel such a responsibility in honouring the author's intention and their characters, plus you need a fuckload of clips to work with, which is something I don't necessarily have. 

So when I see fan fic vids that rise above the norm, I'm always blown away and in awe. It's like putting a jigsaw puzzle together from pieces that belong to a hundred different puzzles. So every now and then I'll post up the fan fic vids that own me and are perfect companions to the actual work. 

Love is the End by melg0510

First one, well it's mine. I'm not blowing my own trumpet but I thought I would just put it out there. This fic is phoebes.promise's LOVE IS THE END. A gorgeous story & one that is very dear to me, as is the author.

Under the Apple Tree by digitalxtc73

Have you ever watched a fan vid and it's made you cry? Nope, never happened to me until I saw this fan fic video by digitalxtc73 for UNDER THE APPLE TREE. This video is a slow build, in a photo slide format but it is soooo freaking beautiful that by the end I'm tearing up. Digitalxtc73 hints at the fragility of Bella and vulnerability of Edward in a beautifully tender way. Doesn't hurt either that the fic is just so fuckawesome that you can't help but be moved. 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Last Call by Robsmyyummycabanaboy

The past she's struggling to remember is the time he'd rather forget... Can they move beyond the scars and forge a new beginning together or have they missed their Last Call? AH, Rated M for language & eventual emons.

What can I say about this fic? Every time Last Call updates my heart skips and I pretty much have to clear the decks so I can read this awesome fic.

Edward and Bella know each other. Well Edward knows this but Bella well she doesn't since she suffers amnesia from a tragic accident she was involved in which resulted in the death of all her family. Edward met Bella when he began working as her family's cabana boy (I LOVE this) as a teenager in Ocean City. What followed was a short intense romance that ended due to Bella's mother's disapproval. Bella took this very hard and became a grade A bitch making Edward's working life a complete misery. 

Flash forward years later Edward is the successful owner of Last Call in Surf City, NJ. The business is doing extremely well and he's engaged to be married but then Bella walks into the bar. He's rude and dismissive to her without realising that Bella has no recollection of who she previously was and thus the story gets under way.

The UST is off the radar as Edward tries hard to resolve his feelings for Bella. Bella (who begins dating Edward's brother) is drawn to Edward and slowly realises that he had played a big part in her life and may hold the key to finding out who she was. Problem is, she probably wouldn't like to know who that bratty, mean teenager was.

At this point in the fic, Edward has explained to Bella their history but will they ever take the chance to be together. Is Edward just in love in the memory of his first teenage love? Can Bella handle the hard truth of what her life was before the accident? We are over currently over the mountain, so for all you newbies you can start reading now knowing the end is close. 

"Isabella, your parents won't hear us 'cause they're in Atlantic City for the night. And as much as that was a really lovely invitation, ass-wriggle and all, I'm gonna have to pass. You're drunk as hell, and I guarantee once you sober up and daylight hits, it'll be Groundhog Day all over again; and you're gonna hate me again. Just like you always do. Every. Single. Day."
My words seem to startle her. She gets quiet and collapses on her belly, tucking her arms under her face and turning her head to the side to face me.
I sit down on the edge of her bed after pulling the comforter up to her shoulder blades and gingerly removing the rubber band from her pony-tailed hair.
"I could never hate you, Edward," she whispers, sounding pained. "I miss you. Every. Single. Day."
I see a tear fall over the edge of her gorgeous brown eye as she continues, "…more than you'll ever know."

Read it Here: Last Call

Hold Me Down by peristew

Not me. That's who this girl is. She is not me. And for the first time, Edward wants someone who is not me. The tequila sits at the bottom of my stomach and begins to grow tentacles. I am tequila brave.

I like this Bella. Right from chapter 1 I knew I could relate to this Bella. When things get tough have another shot of tequila and a cigarette, yup I definitely believe in this philosophy. The fic opens with Bella having to meet her 'boys' for their usual drinks catch up. Only tonight is different, tonight Edward is bringing his new girlfriend Kate which completely freaks Bella since this is an overt gesture that he is serious about this new girl. Whilst it's not fully explained yet, we get that Edward & Bella have intense history with each other. Bella has wronged Edward in someway and apparently has caused their separation but why and how?

Only 5 chapters in and I've got that twitchy feeling when I know this has the potential to be a rocking fic. I was hooked by the end of the first chapter (which rarely happens) and want more. Think you'll like it too.

"I fucking hate this," I blurt out. Word vomit. I look away as he hangs his head low, the cigarette dangling from his lips. He exhales and squints his eyes to look at me through the curtain of smoke.
"I don't know what to say," he whispers.
Say you forgive me. Say that you know that I can do better and that you're willing to really let me try. Say you love me so fucking much that you could throw away that pretty little thing in there and be with me again.
I don't say any of that. I move closer to him. He doesn't step back. We are so close that he has to take the cigarette out of his mouth to keep it from burning me. I move closer still. He doesn't move away but keeps his eyes down, focused on his feet. I can tell that he knows he should move somewhere, anywhere, because his breathing becomes labored. There is hesitation in his movements.
"Edward," I whisper pleadingly. Desperately.
He meets my eyes.
"Don't." He shakes his head.

Read it Here: Hold Me Down

Second Page by CaraNo

The first page didn't belong to them, because it was dedicated to someone else. Eight years later, we flip to the 
second page. It's theirs. EPOV. Daddyward, Mechanicward, Inkward, Olderward. Entry for the April Drabble War.

I don't read many drabble fics. I find this style of fic often disjointed and not very well written even when complete. However I can say that Second Page by CaraNo is a sweet heartfelt fic that is a wonderful quick read.

Bella is a 15 year old who has decided to give her baby up for adoption to 24 year old Edward and his older wife Kate. Nearing the end of the their pregnancy Edward reflects over the impending loss of Bella from his life and the incredible sacrifice she will make for himself and Kate. He really enjoys her friendship and their common love of music but he knows that once the baby is born Bella will go live her life and he'll live his with his family. Bella is also trying to process how to move on in her life without knowing anything about the child she will give up. Bella gives birth and Edward & Kate become the parents they always wanted. 8 years later Edward and Bella paths cross again.

This is so heartfelt and the child in this fic is such a spunky character. The parent dynamic between Edward & his kid is honest, you won't find any baby talk here. Bella grows into a gorgeous woman whose happy exterior hides a broken heart. This is a romance and the journey to get to the final ExB place is such a wonderful, hot experience. Read this on a weekend afternoon or just before bed cause you'll be smiling afterwards.

Read it here: Second Page

Saturday, 5 May 2012

One Night by mamasutra

One night of confusion. One night of blissful wantoness. One night of illicit love. One night that makes you feel alive again from the risks taken.

This story starts with Edward sitting at a bar spying a beautiful Bella across the way. As he watches her, he sees another man approach and Edward decides that he can't allow this. What unfolds from this point is a very passionate night of sex and consumption with it being clear that Bella and he are deeply involved. 
So what's the kicker? Well Edward and Bella are married, to other people. 
Uh oh, there's the rub.
Next morning they both go back to their lives and families whilst manipulating another chance to see each other. 

So why read this cheaterward fic? Well it's not an easy read. In fact Edward is selfish and deluded in living a life without any real reflection about what he is doing or why he is doing it. He cheats but has no intention of leaving his wife. He desires Bella fiercely but does not offer real hope of a future commitment. Bella's not without blame either. She knows she's engaged in a deceitful relationship but can't give Edward up, because she's in love and a little afraid of what the consequences would be. The pull of this fic is that there is a genuine tenderness between Edward & Bella who were brought together through a heart wrenching situation. Unfortunately they have now ended up in a bad place so you are left wanting to find out if Edward will sort his shit out and rise to be a good man and whether Bella will 'fess up to Edward about what is going on in her life.

In my opinion, Mamasutra is currently the reigning queen of angst. If you want fics that will tear you up and leave you raw then she is definitely an author you need to put on alert. 

Read Here:One Night