Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson

It's May 13 which means it's a special boy's birthday. Happy Birthday Rob!

Did you know that when this man was born that The Chicken Song by Spitting Image was the No.1 song in the UK? This reaffirms my belief that the UK contributed greatly to the shiteous music of the 80s. ummm SAW anyone?

So it's this guy's birthday but why do we all just lose our freaking minds over him? Well for me, it is because he seems like just a nice, normal, likeable guy. He's someone who doesn't promote himself shamelessly or project a sense of entitlement. He is genuinely kind & patient to his fans and that in itself is the mark of a great movie star. As an actor, he is making really smart choices and I believe that he'll only improve as an actor with projects that will only be sources of pride for him. 

And finally, I respect him because he appears to be a loyal friend, a good son and is completely in love and protective of his girlfriend. The respect and tenderness he shows to his girlfriend Kristen, shows us all the kind of man he is.

Rob I can assure you, the dedication you receive from your fans is not because of anything Stephanie Meyer has written about a 1 dimensional character like Edward Cullen, it's because of all the above. Congratulations on all your successes and I wish you nothing but the very best for the next 12 months.
Happy Birthday!

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