Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Biggest FicH00r of the Week - That's Me!

Guess what? Not only is it my birthday today (10 May) but yup I finally did it y'all!! ::dusts off shoulders like Rob dancing in front of a mirror::

After a year of trying I have finally achieved the honoured titled of "Biggest FicH00r of the Week".  Quite funny actually considering that I wasn't even going to play this week but after a cup of coffee to jerk me into consciousness I played.

It's also quite safe to say that when I realised I had won there was a lot of screaming, flailing on the floor and yelps of 'Holy Shit!' at my house.

And not only do I get this awesome avi but I was also interviewed by @maxandmo. So if you are interested on who I want to use a butt plug with/on, check it out on the TwiFicTrivia blog: TwiFicTrivia

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