Sunday, 6 May 2012

Last Call by Robsmyyummycabanaboy

The past she's struggling to remember is the time he'd rather forget... Can they move beyond the scars and forge a new beginning together or have they missed their Last Call? AH, Rated M for language & eventual emons.

What can I say about this fic? Every time Last Call updates my heart skips and I pretty much have to clear the decks so I can read this awesome fic.

Edward and Bella know each other. Well Edward knows this but Bella well she doesn't since she suffers amnesia from a tragic accident she was involved in which resulted in the death of all her family. Edward met Bella when he began working as her family's cabana boy (I LOVE this) as a teenager in Ocean City. What followed was a short intense romance that ended due to Bella's mother's disapproval. Bella took this very hard and became a grade A bitch making Edward's working life a complete misery. 

Flash forward years later Edward is the successful owner of Last Call in Surf City, NJ. The business is doing extremely well and he's engaged to be married but then Bella walks into the bar. He's rude and dismissive to her without realising that Bella has no recollection of who she previously was and thus the story gets under way.

The UST is off the radar as Edward tries hard to resolve his feelings for Bella. Bella (who begins dating Edward's brother) is drawn to Edward and slowly realises that he had played a big part in her life and may hold the key to finding out who she was. Problem is, she probably wouldn't like to know who that bratty, mean teenager was.

At this point in the fic, Edward has explained to Bella their history but will they ever take the chance to be together. Is Edward just in love in the memory of his first teenage love? Can Bella handle the hard truth of what her life was before the accident? We are over currently over the mountain, so for all you newbies you can start reading now knowing the end is close. 

"Isabella, your parents won't hear us 'cause they're in Atlantic City for the night. And as much as that was a really lovely invitation, ass-wriggle and all, I'm gonna have to pass. You're drunk as hell, and I guarantee once you sober up and daylight hits, it'll be Groundhog Day all over again; and you're gonna hate me again. Just like you always do. Every. Single. Day."
My words seem to startle her. She gets quiet and collapses on her belly, tucking her arms under her face and turning her head to the side to face me.
I sit down on the edge of her bed after pulling the comforter up to her shoulder blades and gingerly removing the rubber band from her pony-tailed hair.
"I could never hate you, Edward," she whispers, sounding pained. "I miss you. Every. Single. Day."
I see a tear fall over the edge of her gorgeous brown eye as she continues, "…more than you'll ever know."

Read it Here: Last Call

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