Saturday, 5 May 2012

One Night by mamasutra

One night of confusion. One night of blissful wantoness. One night of illicit love. One night that makes you feel alive again from the risks taken.

This story starts with Edward sitting at a bar spying a beautiful Bella across the way. As he watches her, he sees another man approach and Edward decides that he can't allow this. What unfolds from this point is a very passionate night of sex and consumption with it being clear that Bella and he are deeply involved. 
So what's the kicker? Well Edward and Bella are married, to other people. 
Uh oh, there's the rub.
Next morning they both go back to their lives and families whilst manipulating another chance to see each other. 

So why read this cheaterward fic? Well it's not an easy read. In fact Edward is selfish and deluded in living a life without any real reflection about what he is doing or why he is doing it. He cheats but has no intention of leaving his wife. He desires Bella fiercely but does not offer real hope of a future commitment. Bella's not without blame either. She knows she's engaged in a deceitful relationship but can't give Edward up, because she's in love and a little afraid of what the consequences would be. The pull of this fic is that there is a genuine tenderness between Edward & Bella who were brought together through a heart wrenching situation. Unfortunately they have now ended up in a bad place so you are left wanting to find out if Edward will sort his shit out and rise to be a good man and whether Bella will 'fess up to Edward about what is going on in her life.

In my opinion, Mamasutra is currently the reigning queen of angst. If you want fics that will tear you up and leave you raw then she is definitely an author you need to put on alert. 

Read Here:One Night 

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