Sunday, 6 May 2012

Second Page by CaraNo

The first page didn't belong to them, because it was dedicated to someone else. Eight years later, we flip to the 
second page. It's theirs. EPOV. Daddyward, Mechanicward, Inkward, Olderward. Entry for the April Drabble War.

I don't read many drabble fics. I find this style of fic often disjointed and not very well written even when complete. However I can say that Second Page by CaraNo is a sweet heartfelt fic that is a wonderful quick read.

Bella is a 15 year old who has decided to give her baby up for adoption to 24 year old Edward and his older wife Kate. Nearing the end of the their pregnancy Edward reflects over the impending loss of Bella from his life and the incredible sacrifice she will make for himself and Kate. He really enjoys her friendship and their common love of music but he knows that once the baby is born Bella will go live her life and he'll live his with his family. Bella is also trying to process how to move on in her life without knowing anything about the child she will give up. Bella gives birth and Edward & Kate become the parents they always wanted. 8 years later Edward and Bella paths cross again.

This is so heartfelt and the child in this fic is such a spunky character. The parent dynamic between Edward & his kid is honest, you won't find any baby talk here. Bella grows into a gorgeous woman whose happy exterior hides a broken heart. This is a romance and the journey to get to the final ExB place is such a wonderful, hot experience. Read this on a weekend afternoon or just before bed cause you'll be smiling afterwards.

Read it here: Second Page

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