Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Different Kind of Pain by Sparklingwand

Edward is everything Bella ever dreamed of & more but he has one major flaw. He's Bella's best friend's boyfriend. Now she has to decide if pursuing her feelings for him is worth the risk of losing her friendship or suffer with a different kind of pain.

First off, yes it's a cheating fic. To be honest it feels like the author had one idea about how the story would unfold and then decided after several chapters to take it in another direction.

Bella suffers a miscarriage and is helped through the aftermath by her best friend Alice and Alice's new boyfriend Edward. After some time has passed Alice asks Bella to help her reconnect with Edward. Big mistake since Bella agrees to a threesome with Edward and well you can guess what happens to Edward's feelings for Bella after that. Poor Alice.

The fic has reached a VERY tense point and it kinda feels like the edge of the cliff in terms of how this story is gonna go. 

BTW - I only recently discovered the banner does not feature Rob or Kristen. If I'd just seen the banner first, I would probably never read this. Lucky.

A Burning Man by QueenBeee78

While Bella's life hangs in the balance, Edward tries his best to hold on to his sanity. Sometimes you don't realize what you had until it's almost too late. 

Edward reflects over his relationship with Bella as she lies ill in hospital. The prognosis is not good and Edward must come to terms with how he's conducted his life and his feelings towards Bella. 
Walks a nice line of adoration and regret as Edward realises that the hurt he inflicted on Bella would destroy them both.

Angsty and honest with a little B plot line involving another tragedy.

Read it here: A Burning Man

First post off the rank!

Hi everyone
Who knows if anyone will read. To be truthful, I am actually creating this blog as a learning exercise for myself. What this probably means is that this blog may become a mish mash of different twi-related things. Mainly I'll be posting about twilight fan fiction but pretty much anything that takes my fancy will be posted.

So about me as a fan.
I make Robsten fanvids. Come check out my youtube channel:

It's a true passion of mine.

I read fan fiction. A LOT of fan fiction. I also think I come from a predominately male perspective. I don't know why but I often find myself siding with Edward a lot.
My tastes prefer a flawed, strong Bella (virgins need not apply) and a twisted Edward. I'll prefer reading darker fics and don't really like fics where everyone gets 'theirs' before the end of the fic without sacrifice. Anyways you'll see what I mean.

I'm a huge Robsten fan but that doesn't mean that I liked Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire (snoozefest). I try and be as honest as possible.

So other than that let's see where this takes us.