Thursday, 29 March 2012

First post off the rank!

Hi everyone
Who knows if anyone will read. To be truthful, I am actually creating this blog as a learning exercise for myself. What this probably means is that this blog may become a mish mash of different twi-related things. Mainly I'll be posting about twilight fan fiction but pretty much anything that takes my fancy will be posted.

So about me as a fan.
I make Robsten fanvids. Come check out my youtube channel:

It's a true passion of mine.

I read fan fiction. A LOT of fan fiction. I also think I come from a predominately male perspective. I don't know why but I often find myself siding with Edward a lot.
My tastes prefer a flawed, strong Bella (virgins need not apply) and a twisted Edward. I'll prefer reading darker fics and don't really like fics where everyone gets 'theirs' before the end of the fic without sacrifice. Anyways you'll see what I mean.

I'm a huge Robsten fan but that doesn't mean that I liked Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire (snoozefest). I try and be as honest as possible.

So other than that let's see where this takes us.

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