Monday, 4 June 2012

When Will I Know by deb24601

You don't get over Edward Cullen. Even when he was never really yours. A story about wanting, needing and, eventually, knowing. AH. Inspired by Jan 2012 Witfit prompts.

So I found this fic whilst partaking in a little random fic diving. I that from time to time and often come up with nothing but this rough diamond has something to offer. 

Bella meets and falls for Edward when her boyfriend, Mike introduces them. She feels an instant attraction but unfortunately believes that Edward is unreachable to her and as such continues dating Mike. 

Edward's feels this attraction to Bella, despite the fact she is unlike any of the girls he normally hooks up with. As well as that, he lives a carefree, almost nomadic lifestyle and can't see himself tying himself down to a relationship. As well as that, he's slept with 2 of Mike's past girlfriends so Bella seems to be more trouble than she's worth.

I think about our parents and sweet Mike and our friends and my job at the bank. I see security and acceptance. "Well, he hasn't asked... yet," I hedge. "It's what people do," I say.
"Fuck that," Edward says. His voice is hard.
"Excuse me?"
Edward sighs and throws his arm over his eyes. "You get one life, Bella. One chance. I'm not living it based on my parents' expectations or out-dated social customs. It's good enough for some people, I guess - but not for me. I think you want more too. You talk about places you want to go, things you want to see, yet you're buying into this tiny world. Think for yourself. What do you want?"
I'm shocked speechless for a moment. I've never heard Edward talk like this. It's too much to think about all at once. "I... I... I don't know," I stammer. I don't know what's happening.

Eventually Edward does realise he is in love with Bella and makes it his mission to steal Bella away, despite the fact Bella is due to marry Mike in a few weeks.

You can read this within a few hours and whilst it's a little light on plot development and some of the actions of the characters are questionable, it's still quite a harmless, low angst read.

Read it Here: When Will I Know

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