Monday, 4 June 2012

Close Your Eyes by CaraNo

Bella barely remembers her godparents, but after losing her mom and dad, she's shipped off to rainy Washington to live with the Cullens for her final semester in high school. On the outside, the Cullens are perfect. Behind closed doors is another matter.

Straight off the bat, this Edward is initially unlikable. Egotistical, a bully and a loner, Edward is the high school boy you don't fuck with. No true friends or any real connections, it seems Edward is cruising through high school through adoration and intimidation. That is until Bella shows up.

Bella, a new orphan is taken in by Esme and Carlisle Cullen much to Edward's disdain, although he does proceed to use Bella by taking her to his secret cabin, getting her stoned and having sex with her. Don't be fooled though, Bella knows what kind of boy Edward is and is under no false pretences with him however as they spend more time together their relationship finds unique pressure points in which they bond.

"I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself," I add, folding my arms over my chest.
"I'm sure you are," he chuckles and steps on the gas. "But I need people to understand that you're off limits. You're mine now, Tinks."
"Who the hell do you think you are, you prick?" I snap. "I'm not a fucking possession you can control."
Been there, done that.
"Calm your tits, Bella," he laughs, only infuriating me more. "This is just how shit is. Fucking deal with it. As long as you and I are fucking, other dudes need to know not to come on to you. And I'm Edward Cullen, all right? My word is law."

Trouble is, whilst Edward steamrolls everyone in his life, his home life is a nightmare. Regularly abused by Carlisle, Edward tries all he can to please his father with the hope of being able to get away to college once high school has graduated. You can now understand why he treats everyone else with such aggression however Bella sees through all of this. She has actually been there before and wants to save Edward from another vicious beating and the sick family environment. It's not going to be easy though since Edward doesn't want to let (yet) and will even sabotage Bella's efforts (even to the point of humiliating her) in an effort to save not only himself but more importantly Bella as well.

Don't let the violence turn you away. It is a gut wrenching fic but sometimes you need that. Sometimes you need to be confronted with the ugliness to appreciate the bittersweet. Currently Edward, is aware of his love for Bella but is so terrified of losing the imaginary facade that he is willing to destroy Bella's character. It's rough, it's a little complex and I think it's still going to be a rough ride but definitely worth the journey.

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