Sunday, 17 June 2012

Open by SammieLynnsMom

He was right and they were wrong, and that was all he had to stand by. With his career soaring and his marriage sinking, will Edward see they were right all along? What will he learn along the way?

This is a relatively new fic only 5 chapters in and I'm getting on board because I think this could be something great. It certainly has one of the most intriguing banners I've seen in a long while.

Edward has begun seeing a therapist, Dr Banner to work through why he made the disastrous decision to be in an open marriage with his wife Lauren. He loved Lauren and centred his life around her but after several years their relationship has broken down completely with Edward wanting out. 

"Edward," she continued as I huffed. "I get it. It's hard. But it's not fair that I have to sit by and watch you mope. You'll get over it and find someone new. This is why I don't do what you do; you get way too emotionally involved. However, you're home now. It's just me and you here, remember? That was the agreement."
"Lauren, I'm done," I stated so quickly it felt like I was ripping off a Band-Aid. "I can't do this anymore. I'm done."
"Okay," she drew out as her face fell. "Well, if you want to take a break, I guess we could. I'll need to make a few calls, but how long do you want to stop for? I have something Friday, but…"
"No, Lauren, you're not listening. You don't need to make any calls, except to a lawyer. I'm done with you," I explained as calmly and evenly as I could manage.

Edward recounts his recent life to Dr Banner and at times it's hard to read about how in love his was initially was with his wife (strange only because it's Lauren of course) but there is a definite undercurrent of something else at play since we all know it must have been Bella that finally busted up that sham of a marriage.

"Walking away from her was the hardest thing I've ever done," I admitted with my face planted firmly in my hands.
"Why?" She continued to push for more like she always did.
"Because…" I sighed as I looked up, willing myself to form the words. Trying to find, deep down, where I had gone wrong while praying that I could still put the pieces back together. "Because she was home. When I was with her, I felt like the world made sense and it wasn't about being right anymore. I just wanted to be happy…happy with her."
"Do you still think you could be happy with her?" she asked next.
"Yes," I replied without missing a beat. A smile played on my lips as I thought of her brown eyes shining at me the day I took her to the beach. "If only she'd return my phone call."

He could be talking about Lauren but we all know it's Bella. 

We've only just really begun Edward's journey and are yet to meet Bella, I'm hanging out for it and I'm crossing my fingers we don't have to wait to much longer.

Read it Here: Open

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