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If Only by Vampgirl79

"Come over, I need you. Now." As always, I go to her. Except this time it may be the last. I love her deeply, but I don't know if I can do this anymore. Each goodbye is harder than the last one. I want more than just being hers behind closed doors. If only we could truly be together; if only we were meant to be.

The Gist
Plan and simple this is a cheating fic. Edward and Bella are each other’s true love but perhaps falling in love too young meant that it was a love that couldn’t hold as they grew into adulthood.
Edward and Bella are both in committed relationships but have been engaging in an affair together for about a year. Edward yearns to run away with Bella and start the life he was meant to live but something’s holding Bella back. 

Edward and Bella
Having fallen in love as high schoolers, Edward and Bella struggle to make their relationship work long distance once they get to college. They break up but reconnect years later (for reasons which have not fully been explained). The love Edward has for Bella is all consuming and to a point desperate as he knows that neither of them are happy with the affair but he is unable to give her up.

Why do I keep doing this to myself? Why do I continue setting myself up for heartbreak over and over again? I'm a fool who is madly in love that's why. I believe in us, I believe with all of my heart that we can build a future together. If only she wasn't so damn scared and he didn't have such a fucking hold on her!
Stroking her thick hair, I sigh quietly. "You're right, maybe it's not fair. But, it's also not fair to keep doing this to each other, to them. So…go away with me, Bella. Tonight. I'll help you pack some of your belongings and-"
She shakes her head and the torn expression etched on her face rips my heart in half. "Eddie, I wish I could, more than anything, but-"
"No, no excuses this time. Let's do it. We will go anywhere you desire, as long as we're together."
Bella takes a deep breath, lays her head down on my chest and I feel a single tear slip out of her eye. "Edward, stop. Please, just don't."
Gently, I cradle her face between my hands, forcing her to meet my gaze. "Bella, I love you more than my own life, more than anyone else in this world. You know that, don't you?"
She nods as more wetness releases out of her eyes and glides down her rosy cheeks. "Yes, of course I do. And I love you too."
"Then that's all that matters. Let's just quit thinking and just…do."

Why Read This?
This fic is a newbie, with only 5 chapters but it’s definitely a page turner. Or is that screen scroller? I want to know why Bella feels compelled to stay married to her husband and why she seems almost fearful of leaving him. The love between Edward and Bella is compelling and despite the fact what they’re doing is wrong, you still root for them to figure out their lives so they can be together as they are supposed to. 
Will Edward realise his dream? Most likely but it’s gonna be a hard road.

Read it here: If Only

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  1. Hi there! Wow, I had no idea about this review for my story at all. Its crazy, I just randomly found this the other day. Once in awhile I do a search on google about my fics, I dont know why, haa. Anyhow this popped up in the search and I am so glad I found it! I had no idea about it at all! Thank you! This review brought tears to my eyes and really touched my heart. Im so flattered by your love for the story and all the things you said, you know how to lure people in to want to read a fic, haa. This was so so great to read. Thank you so much! I hope you are still enjoying the story, you wrote this before I posted chap 6. I plan to finally get chap 7 up very soon. Again, I just wanted to thank you, this was such a awesome thing for me to find. I am so flattered! *hugs, Leslie